Europe will soon become uninhabitable as oceans collapse

The Atlantic Circular Current, known as AMOC, is one of the The most important components of the Earth’s climate systemas it acts as a heat pump and a heat sink. However, it has raised alarm bells in recent months as it has been slowing down earlier than expected, which could cause Destructive glaciation. We tell you the details.

In a recent study, Published in Science AdvancesResearchers say there is a 90% chance that the AMOC will collapse between now and 2100. However, this group of scientists from the Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research at Utrecht University warned that could happen sooner than expected. In particular, in the next decade, that is, Between 2030 and 2040. It is a very worrying situation.

What will be the consequences of the collapse of the AMOC?

The reason for this potential collapse is to be found in Increased fresh water contribution (from melting ice) in the northern latitudes of the Atlantic.

If the AMOC collapses, The results won’t be immediate or widespread. The greatest impact will probably be concentrated in Europe. Here, according to the simulations, average temperatures will fall sharply, while rainfall will decrease.

According to Antonio Turiel, scientific researcher at the CSIC’s Marine Sciences Institute, “we will have glacial behavior. We can talk about it Europe will be uninhabitable within 30 years,

In that sense, the expert explained that “if there is a more or less complete collapse of the AMOC, the Arctic ice will cover the entire English Channel, and the United Kingdom will disappear under the ice. It will basically be like Greenland. And there could be several tens of meters of ice from Montpellier up to Paris. The whole of Europe will be buried under ice,

other than that, Professor Stephan RahmstorfHead of Earth System Analysis at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and Professor of Ocean Physics at the University of Potsdam, published a Worrisome predictions,

“I attended a three-day seminar on the threat of sudden changes in ocean circulation. And the findings are quite worrying. Between 35% and 45% of high-quality models say that The AMOC will collapse in the 2030s Because of climate change,” Rahmstorf explained.

So, if these predictions are true and if the AMOC collapses in 2030, Europe could eventually become a country. Uninhabited space from the 2060s,

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