European satellite ERS-2 arrives on Earth: Where did it fall?

lon arrival space objects this is something for our planet more often than many might think, although usually these are small objects that a priori do not pose any danger to us. What is not so common is that the arrival of objects from space is happened in this case. And the thing is that European Space Agency (ESA) warned a few days ago that one of its satellites would return to Earth this week, which happened last Wednesday, February 21.

Because, frankly, even though it was expected, it still catches your eye. It’s about Earth remote sensing satellite ERS-2a device launched on a rocket from the Kourou Space Center located in French Guiana, South America, in 1995. His mission was based on monitor different parts of the planet using a system of visible and ultraviolet light sensors. Since the end of last year 2011 He was no longer activebut its “return trip” was planned for early 2024.

ESA’s own account updated the return operation through their profiles on networks, where they commented that the remains of the satellite fell over the past 24 hours Wednesday 21 February at around 17:17 GMT..

He fell in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The device was as expected will safely complete its re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere by falling over a large body of water to avoid possible consequences. Finally, it is because, as they commented on the ESA profile on X (formerly Twitter), ERS-2 crashed. in the middle of the North Pacific Oceanbetween American areas Alaska and Hawaii. Although the arrival time was within a few hours, the satellite fulfilled the requirements and “touched” the Earth on the planned daywhich began to disintegrate after 80 kilometers of fall.

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