Eva Henger breaks the silence on the relationship with Mercedesz after the end of the relationship with Lucas Peracchi


Eva Henger reveals: “We must proceed slowly”.

There love story between Lucas Peracchi and Mercedesz Henger has come to an end for a few months already. A break up who was seen by her mother, Eva, an ‘opportunity to try to recover the relationship with his daughter.

Eva Henger and the relationship with her daughter Mercedesz: the truth

After so many quarrels and various misunderstandings, Lucas and Mercedesz have decided to permanently end their relationship. Just for Lucas’s sake, the beautiful Mercedesz had questioned the relationship with his mother Eva Henger, pushing her away and stopping to hang out with her. A few months after the break up, the showgirl has decided to break the silence.

In an interview with the weekly Vero, the Henger he spilled the beans and revealed in what relations is today with daughter Mercedesz: “I am not arguing with her at the moment, we are in a moment of peace and tranquility. We must proceed slowly in order to recover certain misunderstandings and difficulties”.


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According to the latest rumors, it seems that Mercedesz moved on after breaking up with Lucas next to a new partner. At the moment, however, no confirmation and denial has been received from those directly involved. We’ll see.


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