Even Elden Ring can’t eclipse the desire for a Bloodborne remake, and the fact that fans are showing so much interest makes its creator Bloodborne “very happy.”

Miyazaki talks about the possibilities that the new equipment offers for working on these projects

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At this point, it’s hard to comprehend that such a formidable video game as Bloody still don’t count today with updated version to 60FPS on PS5 or, as many players want, also on PC. This is the great unknown that has haunted us for many years and for which the team From software. Will there be a Bloodborne remaster? Use a stylish presentation new Elden Ring expansionThe head of the studio spoke about the new projects that the Japanese team has taken on.

“Is a game we really appreciatejust like our fans,” Hidetaka Miyazaki told Eurogamer when asked about the possibility of seeing a Bloodborne remake in the style of Remake of Demon Soul with which the PS5 was released. “I’m very pleased to see that so many people are still passionate about it,” adds the Japanese man. But… will there be a remake or not? The father of the Dark Souls saga dodges the question without giving a clear answer.

New hardware, new ways to improve games

Miyazaki assured that eurogamer that “having new equipment is definitely part of what gives these remakes value” as it is the best way to “make possible what you couldn’t do before“However,” adds the Bloodborne director, “I wouldn’t say that’s it,” referring to the graphics. “I think from a pure gamer’s perspective, modern hardware also allows more users to appreciate all these games. So, although this seems like a simple reason, as a player I believe that accessibility is important“.

Certainly backward compatibility This has allowed games from other generations to continue to be enjoyed on modern hardware, but in the case of Bloodborne, die-hard gamers are still missing out on the opportunity to play at 60fps instead of the 30fps of the original PS4 version. introduced. . This availability, he adds, “could be the final push to bring older games to new platforms.” A great example is Demon’s Souls, which moved from PlayStation 3 to PS5. Does this mean Bloodborne is out of the equation?

“This could be the final push that brings old games to new platforms” – Hidetaka Miyazaki.

Without giving a clear answer, Miyazaki simply notes that both he and the Fromsoftware team are “very happy” that Bloodborne is now available. This is still a very favorite game. “When we see all these passionate voices in the gaming community (talking about Bloodborne), of course it excites us and we feel very lucky to have all these good memories.” In short, if you’ve been waiting for the Japanese creative to clarify whether there are plans to see a new version of Bloodborne, you’ll have to be patient and continue to wait for the announcement, which is resisting more than many would like.

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