Every fourth banking client does not pay attention to the risk when working on the Internet

Despite the risks that millions of bank customers face every day when using their mobile phones and other devices via the Internet, there are still many who ignore them and stop paying attention to advice that will help them have problems in the future with your money. 25% of clients admit that they do not pay attention to information about prevention and protection measures.although they at the same time recognize that these practices are relevant.

This indicates Cyber ​​Security Research and digital channel usage habits, prepared by CECA, which explains why the younger population pays less attention to these tips compared to the older population. Except, 20% of respondents still believe that their organization can contact them through informal channels, such as email, SMS and even WhatsApp to request access codes or digital banking passwords. This is despite industry representatives insisting that they do not provide this data.

A a large share of fraud occur due to so-called social engineering, based on deception and trust of the victim to reveal the keysmake payments to third parties or upload malicious files.

“This situation is problematic because such attacks are unlikely to be prevented by traditional means, since they cannot they use information gap, but psychological gap“They need to be aware and trained,” he insists.

On the other side, The European Parliament has given the green light to new rules to ensure immediate receipt of bank transfers and at the same price to the accounts of individuals and companies. Banks and other payment service providers (PSPs) will be required to ensure that available transfers are processed within a maximum of 10 seconds.

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