Everyone is talking about the movie Dune: Part 2, but we saw his new open world survival video game. Dune: Awakening wants to be the most ambitious MMO yet – Dune: Awakening

Dune: Awakening aims to be one of the most ambitious MMOs in the genre and will feature crafting, survival and ship combat.

Happy premiere Dune: Part 2, a review of which you can read at the following link.Team Funcom started working on completing the launch of Dune: Awakening. The MMO game from the Conan Exiles studio promises to offer fans Frank Herbert entertainment, aggressiveness and intrigue, which is presented in both books and film adaptations. And after seeing the exclusive preview of Future Survival, I have no doubt: Dune: Awakening is everything fans of the franchise have been waiting for.

In this preview, team members delved deeper into the possibilities of bringing a license like Dune into the gaming world. video game. In fact, they assured that this deposit “more than a movie“, so they want to be true to this vision and therefore give life to a titanic project that can take one step further what we have seen in both literature and cinema. And for the same reason, they believe that Dune: Awakening is this is an ideal opportunity for every player. create your own storyaspect that made them bet on such a popular genre as MMO with shades survival.

So to give life to the world they chose Unreal engine 5engine that convinced them with tools such as Lumens (a technology that takes world lighting to a new level). Thanks to the Epic Games engine, they have worked to create a universe that invites the player adapt to survive. For this reason, they attach great importance to dangerous elements such as sandworms, without leaving aside other vital aspects of survival games with which they grew up and therefore served as inspiration for “stay true to the heritage of survival games

Survive in a world full of dangers

If you encounter a sandworm, you have only one option: run away.

Throughout the exclusive preview that Funcom shared with us, one idea was repeated repeatedly: the player needs to adapt to the world in order to survive. Thus, like other survival games, the user is willing to spend time to ensure that he knows how to deal with every danger present in the world. Thus, the game will crafting elements (see metals or stones) to improve equipment, weapons and other types of options present in Dune: Awakening.

As with any massive online survival game, build and cooperate These will be the two differentiating elements that tip the balance in players’ favor. Therefore, those who know how to make the most of these two mechanics will have the opportunity to stand out from the rest. In addition, the team confirmed that the game will feature level system, melee combat, skills and vehicles are a number of options that players will be able to use not only in combat, but also in the daily life of their adventures. Thanks to them they will be able adapt your strategy depending on the situation and, for example, use methods such as see height have an advantage over your opponents.

However, no threat received as much attention in the presentation as sand worms. These creatures, the most spectacular in Denis Villeneuve’s film adaptation, leave anyone who has the opportunity to encounter them with their mouths open. However, Funcom already warns us: There is no way to kill them.. Even if you want to do this, your only option will be a slow and cruel death. Therefore it is most recommended runbecause otherwise you will only waste time and resources.

Adapt to the desert and cooperate with friends

In general, during the presentation, studio participants highlighted several ideas. One of them was the importance collaborate with friends, because it will be differentiated when it comes to better adapting to the world of Dune: Awakening and therefore increasing your chances of surviving in it. So you can improve your skillsMaximize your gaming system and take advantage of the benefits personalizationaspect which they defined as “one of the most important in the gamebased on all proposed options.

As I said a few lines earlier, sandworms will be a danger that will change the way you play, but luckily we’ll have a large arsenal of options at our disposal. Among them we find vehicles, ships (with which we can conduct spectacular dogfights), climbing or stealth. In addition, we can also create weapons a narrative that will adapt to the adventures of each player (or group of players) and that will take place at a specific point in Dune: a specific point in the book at which a decision is made that changes the course of history. Therefore Funcom will focus on original story in the Dune universe.

Finally this whole world will make sense thanks to Unreal engine 5. Throughout the presentation, the team showed how excited they were about the opportunity to bring this adventure to life using the Epic Games engine, an option that allowed them to give Dune: Awakening both an art and graphics section that can only be classified as entertaining. And although we carry on no release date, the preview makes it clear that the team intends to offer Dune fans a unique adventure on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. After watching the preview I got these fangs sandworm teeth.

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