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TikTok user Monica Montoya (@monicamontoyar) showed what a capsule hotel located at London Gatwick Airport looks like, and everyone noticed the detail: you can see the inside of the room from outsideso the first questions immediately arose about how she did it so that she would not be seen sleeping or going to the toilet.

There is an explanation for this, and it is very simple. Hotel style represents “futuristic” features and even “space” style like the best sci-fi films about astronauts.

“As soon as you walk in, you see a bed that folds in and out with buttons, and the bathroom is fully stocked,” he pointed out at the beginning of the video, which has racked up more than 72,500 likes. He immediately said that The first thing he thought about was how he was going to cover himself when he went to the bathroom. or how she was going to avoid sleeping so she wouldn’t be seen outside.

However, he soon realized that there were curtains in the corner that could be drawn to provide the privacy needed in a hotel room. There is also blinds built into the windowbut it is a little hidden due to being too raised, which reassured everyone who asked about the privacy of the room.

On the other hand, the lights control on the same layer using buttons built into one of the backrests, as well as a built-in TV and a small table for working or eating. “They look like a train compartment,” one user commented.

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