Everyone talks about Michelle Pfeiffer and the controversial series about the first ladies of the United States

The Hollywood super actresses who star in the first season of the series The First Lady that can already be seen on Paramount+ are Michelle Pfeiffer, Gillian Anderson and Viola Davis and everyone is talking about them.

The expected and controversial series shows the recent history of the United States with a focus on the political decisions made by three of the first ladies remembered and influential in recent years.

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According to its creators, The First Lady is a “revealing recast of American leadership told through the female point of view and from the heart of the white house“. And he sets out to show how in the East WingA lot of most impactful decisions that changed the history of the world have been taken over by the most charismatic and ambitious first ladies.

Who is who in the series The First Lady

The 10-part series shows key episodes in the personal and political lives of Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Ford, Michelle Obama immersing himself in their past and following them beyond their time in the White House.

  • Gillian Anderson is Eleanor Rooseveltwho accompanied Franklin D. Roosevelt (played by Kiefer Sutherland) during four presidential terms, between 1933 and 1945.
  • Michelle Pfeiffer as Betty Fordwife of Gerald Ford (in the skin of Aaron Eckhart) and first lady between 1974 and 1977.
  • Viola Davis isMichelle Obamawho occupied the White House alongside Barack Obama (role played by OT Fagbenle) between 2009 and 2017.

With a millionaire investment in period setting and physical transformation of its main characters, the series tells in parallel the three temporal lines of Roosevelt, Ford and Obama.

Each of the first ladies in the Paramount+ series was chosen because they had to coping with particularly challenging situations for your time:

  • From the crack of ’29 to the Second World Warpassing through the Great Depression and the New Deal, the History of the 20th century gave eleanor roosevelt an unprecedented protagonism until then for a First Lady of the United States (and of the world).
  • The unexpected assumption in a tumultuous period following Richard Nixon’s resignation over the Watergate scandal led Betty Ford into a deep Tico dilemma and a forced paradigm shift in the shadows of the status quo.
  • be part of the first African-American family to reach the White House and setting her own agenda without overshadowing her husband was the challenge for Michelle Obama.

Thus, The First Lady at Paramount+ starts from the enigma of each personal story to weave the fabric of power in the United States with new meanings. His style follows the line of other successful series that investigate the intimacy of the most important women in the history of Western politics.

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Some of them are Mrs. America (2020, about Phillys Schlafly and his conservative movement in the ’70s), Impeachment: American Crime Story (2021, about the sexual episode between Bill Clinton with his assistant Monica Lewinsky) and The Crown (which since 2016 reviews the intimacy of the reign of Elizabeth II in Great Britain).

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