‘Everything at once everywhere’, ‘The Fabelmans’ or ‘Avatar 2’, the box office on Oscar weekend

The highest grossing of the past weekend has returned to be Creed III with €899,114according to still provisional data from ComScore Movies. In addition, the Spanish comedy has debuted among the most viewed Mari(two)directed by Lucia Alemany and starring Paco Leon and ernesto alteriosecond with notable €850,354and the sixth installment of screamfourth with 727,855.

But, it was also the weekend of the Oscars and with several of the films with the most nominations still on the billboard. Even with the winner of this edition, Everything at once everywherefinally taking place at dawn from Sunday to Monday, in Spanish time, with no less than seven statuettes.

Among Us, and 41 weeks after its theatrical release, was projected in 80 cinemas and 89 screens. And although its commercial tour in theaters was practically exhausted, available for months on streaming or Blu ray platforms, its previous 11 nominations were more than enough of a hook to attract new viewers, or that more than one would like to repeat watching it on a big screen. The proof is that it slipped at number 20 on the list of the highest grossing with 31,965 euros admittedand increased its collection by a spectacular 448 percent compared to the previous weekend.

‘Everything at once everywhere’. The fantastic and original proposal by the Daniels, released in Spain on June 2 of last year, It was not a hit in theaters at all. as shown by the fact that, even adding the 32,000 euros collected last weekend, its total collection barely exceeds 700 thousand euros (specifically, 714,871), and that only 111,000 viewers have seen it in theaters.

Directed by James Cameron.  It was said that for the multi-million dollar sequel to 'Avatar' to be profitable it had to be one of the two or three highest grossing films of all time... and, indeed, it is.  It has accumulated 2,244 million dollars worldwide.
‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’
20th Century Studios

‘Avatar 2: The sense of water’. The sixth highest grossing of the weekend, with 234,366 euros. The sequel to the adventures of the Na’vi again directed by James Cameron It has been one of the great box office phenomena of all time, and the Oscar for visual effects went to her. So far sum 48,880,232 euros and 6,669,806 viewers in Spain.

‘The Fabelmans’. The movie of Spielberg He aspired to seven statuettes, although he left empty. It hasn’t been a box office success either. just 38 million dollars (about 35.3 million in euros) Worldwide. In Spain it takes 1,602,904 euros and 246,263 viewers in a month of exhibition.

‘The triangle of sadness’. The new of Ruben ÖstlundPalme d’Or at Cannes and triumphing at the European film awards, It was backed by three nominations, best film, direction and original screenplay. He didn’t get any either, but it’s the Swedish filmmaker’s film that’s doing the best at the box office. Thirteenth with 73,059 eurosand accumulating in almost three weeks €850,233 and 134,550 viewers.

Brendan Fraser in 'The Whale'
Brendan Fraser in ‘The Whale’

The whale (The Whale)’. And the bets gave Brendan Fraser as a favorite for the Oscar for best leading actor. The forecasts came true, and the film of aronofsky he took two (actor and also makeup and hairdressing). At the box office it was the eighteenth highest grossing film with 34,103 eurosand accumulating in seven weeks 1,688,991 euros and 267,793 spectators.

‘Inisherin’s Banshees’. A favorite for many moviegoers, and also with many possibilities of winning an Oscar, for its original script or for one of the members of its cast (Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, Kerry Condon either barry keoghan), also left empty-handed despite of his nine nominations. It has garnered rave reviews, but in our theaters nothing has worked well. It does not yet reach the million euros raised and has been seen by just over 140,000 viewers.

‘No news at the front’. German production directed by Edward Berger It ended up being the second most Oscar-winning film of the night, with four statuettes (photography, music, production design and international film). But its distribution window was directly streaming on Netflix.on October 28.

Image of the German 'All Quiet Front', great winner of the BAFTA 2023
‘No news at the front’

In the absence of the platform updating with new viewing data, its impact on the audience would be around 140 million hours viewedbut with his 9 nominations, and now his 4 Oscars, he could enter the list of the top ten most viewed movies in the history of Netflix.

A list that would head titles such as Red alert, the invisible agent either don’t look upapproaching 400 million hours watched, and with the Irish of Scorsese, Unforgivable with Sandra Bullock or my first kiss 2all of them with some 215 million hours watched each, marking the barrier to be overcome by No news at the front to sneak into the top ten most viewed.

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