Everything is on rails: Railway Empire 2 – Deluxe Edition will be released in physical format for PS5 and Switch

Take the express train to riches and fame in Railway Empire 2!

Meridiem Games and Kalypso surprise with launch announcement Railway Empire 2 in physical format for PlayStation platforms next one is March 7th.

Take on the role of a shrewd businessman, take charge of a small railway company in the early 19th century and turn your steam locomotives into the workhorses of the economy.

Transform your company into the largest railway company on the continent and surpass your competitors by connecting cities and businesses with an ever-expanding network of train lines, bridges and tunnels.

Featuring 60 iconic locomotives pulling freight and passenger cars, you’ll explore an era of historical significance during the Industrial Revolution.

The Deluxe Edition includes the full game. Railway Empire 2, an original soundtrack, exclusive skins for each of the three station sizes, an exclusive skin for your company headquarters, and another exclusive skin for two locomotives. Enjoy music whenever you want and show your competitors the brilliance of your railway company!

Here are its main features:

History in the making: Set in 1830 at the dawn of the railroad era, build a massive railroad empire from the ground up and choose from 60 highly detailed historical locomotives that you can personalize with your favorite colors and your company initials.

Expanding landscape: A huge, detailed game world covering the entire US and Europe on one map (game feature not included on Nintendo Switch), as well as more detailed regional maps scattered across the US and Europe.

Endless possibilities: Choose how you want to play: a 5-chapter campaign set in iconic regions of Europe and the US, 14 scenarios, a free game customization mode, a relaxing building mode, and co-op multiplayer* for up to four players running the same train company.

Improved track design: Laying tracks is easier than ever with automatically placed signals, bridges that can accommodate more than 4 tracks, train stations with up to 8 tracks, and new accessories to customize your train stations. The terrain also adapts to the location of your tracks, crossing mountains, valleys and plains.

Enjoy the views: Travel by train and admire the scenery from the carriages or from the front seat of a steam locomotive.

Railroad Empire 2 – Deluxe Edition It can now be reserved in physical format on our premises thanks to Meridiem Games for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. Release date: March 7, 2024.

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