Ex-Industriales player admitted unpublished facts

Sometimes events occur that delve deeper into memories and make stories come to life again. This is exactly what happened to the Cuban baseball player. Yunel Escobar Last few days.

Elihu Torres, who shared Escobar’s time in prison Industrial, we learned that the athlete shouted in the middle of a Latin American stadium that he was worth millions. This shocked many, but this is only a small part of what happened.

Exclusive to Full Swing

Torres himself wanted to break the silence and happily agreed to tell this editor about other events. According to the aforementioned source, Yunel has always had the desire to play the best baseball in the world and has not hidden it.

“We were training at Ciudad Deportiva and he hit home runs and said those home runs weren’t for this place. What were they to him? Big show, that is, for the Major League. All this is ahead of the leaders. He was the only player I saw in Cuba doing things like that, whereas in Cuba you can’t do anything like that.”– Elihu noted.

Torres stated that Yunel Escobar He was never afraid to speak and at the same time referred to Odrisamer Despain as another player claiming his rights.

The shocking moment in our conversation with our interlocutor was the moment when he mentioned the sanctions imposed on the star athlete.

“He was once fined for throwing a ball to the crowd after the third out. This happened in Granma. In that game I was playing center field and the last out was a ground ball. Yunel Escobar which was in left field. He threw the ball into the stands and was punished. “Gambao“He came to the bank and told all the officials that the only thing he could pay was 100 pesos, because that’s what they gave him for playing ball. He did say some things. “He played with his pants on and that’s why he got in trouble with Rey.”– the left-hander admitted.

Yunel Escobar and his problems in Cuba

A sensitive moment occurred at a party meeting, according to a former player Full swing.

“The Cuban team did not miss these meetings, they were there first. At that meeting, issues such as indiscipline among fans were discussed. Yunel Escobar took out a hammer, placed it on Pedro Saez’s desk and told him, “We have to deal with this.”told who became the champion with Industriales in the 2003-2004 season.

Finally, Elihu Torres made it clear that talent Yunel Escobar It was huge, but it was discriminated against. The capital’s potential was not taken into account, largely due to the character it possessed.

Our website Full swing really appreciates what Torres said. Thanks to his actions, we were able to break the silence that often surrounds Cuban baseball.

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