Exodus, Christian Bale: the actor’s accident, what happened


Christian Bale is one of the most famous actors in the world: the obsessive care in the study of the characters he plays, however, caused him some problems.

Christian Bale
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This evening, Tuesday 27 April, Christian Bale will be broadcast on Rai 4 with the film Exodus – Gods and kings. In the Hollywood film, Bale plays the role of Moses: the actor defined him as a kind of superhero of antiquity. “It is about an emotional journey and symbolic in that world“, He declared in an interview with Republic.

Bale has had an immensely successful career, thanks to masterpieces such as American Hustle And the trilogy of Batman. Among the various interpreters of the role of the Dark Knight, Bale was certainly one of the best and among the most appreciated by fans of the superhero. In 2011 Bale also conquered the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in the movie The Fighter.

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The Christian Bale Incident: What Happened?

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What Happened to Christian Bale (Getty Images)

Christian Bale is an actor of great versatility: in order to best interpret the characters in his films, care almost obsessively every aspect of acting. This allowed him to act in very different films, adapting each time to each situation to the best of his abilities. The British-born actor is also known for his speaking skills different English and American dialects.


Furthermore, the actor he is also willing to lose and gain weight, from one film to another, to better immerse yourself in the part. They became famous his diets which allowed him to lose weight or gain weight, depending on his needs, in a very short period of time. If this on the one hand denotes the great professionalism of the actor, but on the other hand it caused him some health problems over the years.

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To interpret American HustleIn fact, Bale’s umpteenth weight gain caused him a problem slipped disc. “I actually had injured myself before, but of course the heavier weight gave the coup de grace“. Director David Russel he got very angry, but Bale justified himself by telling him that he wanted to take the character to the extreme. “I am a rebel and I always do the opposite of what is asked of me“.



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