Exploring the WORLD with Friends: A Recipe for Maximum Concentration

The weather doesn’t spare a single day, and the timers for January 20th are approaching zero. At the same time, almost 14,000 candidates for WORLD 2024 They are immersed in the final stages of preparation for an exam that, if all goes well, will change the course of their lives forever.

This is exactly the situation in which Blanca finds herself as she begins to prepare for the test. Specialist Medical Education (FSE) last June, right after graduating from medical school. He wanted to look back to make a retrospective of these months and tell us what impressions he had in the weeks leading up to the appointed day.

Worst Moments When Studying WORLD

The road was long and not entirely easy. He admits that this happened several times. entered a “negative loop” obsessive thoughts: “Oh my God, everything is terrible with me, I’ll have to repeat PEACE, I don’t like this,” she told herself in the worst moments. “I think that I’ve never felt so bad in my life regarding studies. When you fail, the result is that you perform worse: you learn worse, and the simulation turns out worse,” he says.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had such a bad time in my life academically. When you fail, your performance gets worse as a result: you learn worse, and the simulation goes worse.”

He doesn’t hesitate for a second when he says this. The most difficult times were in November and December.. The penultimate month of the year became an occasion for stagnation and disappointment for her, since “a lot of time had passed, but there was still a lot of time left.” She calls this stage the “worst moment” of the entire preparation, because, as she herself recalls, “I was tired, but at the same time I still saw him very far away.”

TO accumulated exhaustion adds another important factor: the days are getting shorter and it gets dark earlier. He switch to winter time had a noticeable influence on his moodas the lack of sunlight made him feel like his study time was ending early.

Explore the WORLD with friends

But in the most difficult moments, he always had a shoulder to cry on, or rather, four: the shoulder of his two best friends from college, who also have to take the WORLD 2024 exam. In the weeks of the “final sprint”, they decided to study “as a team” and complement each other. “We discuss everything together, out loud, because at this stage we we are so tired, how good it is to be with someone it kept you engaged when you were unmotivated and vice versa,” he says.

“My friends and I discuss everything together, out loud, because at this moment, when we are so tired, it is good to be with someone who pulls you along when you lose motivation, and vice versa.”

And these minutes, so close to the exam, are for her a real “long-distance race”, which she would not have had the strength to do if not for her friends. Since he started the latest round, after Christmas, he admits that time for self-care has “disappeared” and been reduced to moments before bed. “I don’t do anything and hardly go outside because I think that On this circle you need to press “all the way”.– he explains. He sees these last few days as an opportunity. clarify all those concepts that resist you and clarify them. “This month flies by quickly and “The prize is the most important thing.”he assures.

Sacrifice was also noticeable during these weeks of celebrations, as even though Christmas and New Year are holidays at your academy, on other days “you see your family and friends getting together, doing things, and you don’t this.” it’s possible,” he tells us. But it hardly takes him long to remember his goal, since he always remembers that “it is only a year, and it passes as joyfully as possible.”

Medical and surgical specialties

When it comes to assigning a venue, you have a wide but defined range of options among your preferences. “I only know what I want medical specialty rather than surgical“, she says in a clear and persuasive tone. Having multiple options in mind is a point of relief for her, since “it doesn’t classify you” and therefore there is “less opportunity” to take the exam again. Likewise, it’s time to focus on the present and make every effort to study.

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