eye! Do not bring these objects to your interview to apply for the American visa

The application for the visa interview is one of the determining procedures for them to accept your entry to the United States.

The application for the visa interview is one of the determining procedures for them to accept your entry to the United States.

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Applying for an American visa has become one of the most desired procedures in recent years and is also one of the best known by Colombians, however, This process brings with it different restrictions and warnings that may be decisive for its approval.

Among the aspects that must be taken into account to apply for your American visa is the interview process, which could be said to be the final step to obtain the legal passport to enter the United States and one of the most key points of the entire process.

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If you are close to being in the interview to apply for the United States visa, keep in mind that these objects are prohibited during the presentation of the same and that the use of any of these elements could determine the entrance to the facilities and the access to your interview.

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Items you cannot bring to the visa interview

The Embassy of the United States in Colombia clarifies that these objects cannot be brought into the facilities of the Consular Section Building, since they because there is no specific space to store any of these elements, so it is recommended to refrain from taking them during your visa application process.

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The following items cannot be entered:

  • Electronics devicesincluding: cellphonescomputers, cameras or turntables/MP3, USB sticks.
  • bags or luggage, such as: suitcases, backpacks and briefcases. Only clear plastic bags with documents related to your application are accepted.
  • Food or drinks.
  • sealed mailsuch as envelopes or unopened packages.
  • Flammable or tobacco materialssuch as lighters, matches, cigarettes or cigars.
  • sharp sharp objectssuch as: scissors, razors or nail files.
  • Weapons or explosives of any type.

What documents should you bring to the Embassy to present your interview?

In addition to making the pertinent clarifications about prohibited objects, the US Embassy reminds Colombian citizens what are the required papers you must bring to present the visa interview.

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Each adult (16 years or older) visiting the Embassy You must bring two photo IDs with you which can be the citizenship card, passport or driver’s license. This is because one of the documents must be delivered to the security personnel of the building and the other document will be delivered to the consul in order to make your application and interview. “The document that you present to the consul must be current and preferably be your passport and/or ID”recommends the Embassy.

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