“Failed to stop the championship? I reacted like this!”

There is now less than a month to go playoffs for the World Cup in Qatar. Italy will face the North Macedonia in the “semifinal”, in a clash from inside or outside that will be played on March 24 in Palermo.

Mancini warns: “Playoffs? The first match will be difficult, it’s not what everyone thinks! “

The decisive moment, in which the future of Italy will be decided, is getting closer and closer, and Roberto Manciniwho spoke to Sky Sports, he wanted to take stock of the situation. These her words about:

Mancini Italy

There are still 20 days to go until the playoffs and so we can’t go under pressure right now. The first game will be difficult. Even if everyone thinks it will be easy, it is not. Perhaps the latter will be easier“.

The national team coach he also commented on the possibility of being able to postpone the championship day close to the playoffs and the consequent failure to stop: “I was not disappointed. We would have liked it, but if it could not be done, patience. That’s okay. “

Finally, the former Inter coach wanted to reserve a few words for the excellent championship played by the blue trident of Sassuolo: Berardi, Scamacca And Raspadori:

If they guarantee us a couple of goals each, we are happy (laughs, ed). They are improving and doing well. Berardi is ahead of them. Scamacca and Raspadori are growing and it’s a good thing for Sassuolo and the national team“.

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