Fan who racially abused girl for wearing Vinicius shirt arrested

National Police agents have arrested a fan who allegedly racially abused an 8-year-old girl before the September 24 Atlético-Real Madrid derby at the Metropolitan Stadium.

The detainee attacked a black minor who was in the arms of a relative because she was wearing a T-shirt of Vinicius, a Real Madrid player and the target of numerous racist insults. He told the little girl, “You f***ing black woman, we are going to kill you.” The man even hit the hand of the family member who was holding it twice. Several local fans watching the scene quickly intervened, preventing the man from continuing his attack.

The girl’s aunt, a 45-year-old Spanish woman, filed a complaint with the police. According to him, they were going to the red and white stadium when a group of excited fans of the team began to scold them for the fact that a little girl was wearing a Madrid T-shirt. Others began chanting offensive, racist and intimidating slogans at them such as: “Vikings out, not monkeys, you fucking black woman”, “Madridistas, you sons of bitches” or “get out of here, we’ll kill you”. ”

The relative told agents that she picked the girl up to get her out of there quickly, unable to go into the stadium to enjoy the game because her niece was “so scared.” In fact, he began to cry compulsively and suffered a panic attack. Since that day, the girl has not slept well and is afraid to go to the football stadium in the future.

During the investigation, videos provided by a journalist who was at the scene at the time of the events turned out to be very important. After carefully reviewing the images, investigators were able to locate the location where the man entered the stadium and thus achieve his identification.

Finally, this Wednesday, a tracking device was installed, culminating in the arrest of the man, a 20-year-old Frente Atlético fan allegedly responsible for the hate crime, who was subsequently prosecuted, police sources told Europa Press. .

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