Farewell, but without honors, to the gigantic Gorbachev

The first Tik Tak sounds today, Wednesday, August 31 in WEEK and it sounds on the sides of the rudeness of Russian President Putin with a world hero: Mikhail Gorbachev. He won’t give him a state funeral because Putin blames him for the disintegration of the Soviet Union, but Mr. Gorbachev is above such worldly tributes.

This man received the Nobel Peace Prize in life, yes for having taken a fundamental step with global repercussions. It was a historic peace agreement with the then president of the United States Ronald Reagan, in which it was agreed to dismantle the nuclear escalation that, based in Cuba, almost led us to close this type of war, with the famous missile crisis, that between October 14 and 28, 1962 had the world in suspense, until finally the Soviet Union withdrew from Cuba, avoiding the annihilation of humanity.

We also have to dismiss Gorbachev as the man who began the process of dismantling communism, which ruled for seven decades and ended in resounding failure in the Soviet Union; According to Gorbachev, this system lacked a fundamental factor: motivation. That is to say, people were guaranteed food, but the supermarket shelves were almost empty, except for vodka.

That motivation and the interest of the human being to care for, promote and work on something that belonged to him was the ingredient that communism lacked and that is why it did not work. Exclusive state ownership was an economic disaster; This way paved the way for the fall of the Berlin Wall, one of the monuments to human misery. Families and relatives were divided for decades, separated for more than 18 years, simply by a wall.

Gorbachev adopted the famous principles of Glasnost and Perestroika in his apostolate, and put an end to the period known as the Cold War; in this way, he transformed the European map. Few leaders have had such a profound effect on his era, in less than six years of tumultuous rule.

That is to say, the greatness of this man and his worldwide repercussions is what values ​​the Nobel Prize that was awarded to him, and not the other way around; Since Gorbachev was honored, it has happened with other generations of Nobel Prize winners who do not reach Gorbachev or the ankles.

He did not have in his mind the dissolution of the Soviet Union, but inevitably the communist system imploded from the Baltic to the Balkans, in countries that were already very weak due to the corruption of their systems of government and their moribund economies.

But, precisely for this reason, he will not have official funerals: for Putin and his fellow KGB veterans, now in power, the end of the Soviet Union was a moment of shame and of historic defeat, which Putin intends to correct precisely today with his invasion of Ukraine.

Before his death, at the age of 91, Gorbachev managed to give his opinion on that invasion, commenting that it was aimed at undermining his life’s work, but his transparency, his vision and his great vitality transcend him and put him far above, as I said at the beginning, of all worldly honor.

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