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A-92 is cut in Arhal (Seville) due to farmers’ protest

This Thursday, farmers blocked the A-92 as it passes through Arahal (Seville), causing traffic delays since the morning. Unlike other demonstrations in which protesters have driven their tractors across public roads, on this occasion they have left their vehicles on the service road parallel to the highway, and marched on foot, aided by the vigilant presence of the Civil Guard. Is seen by. ,

To minimize the impact of their protest they have decided to give way to traffic for about ten minutes every hour. The section of the highway heading towards Seville is being closed, while two lanes towards Málaga have been closed for a week due to the work. In the province of Seville, the A-451 in El Sausejo has been closed since yesterday, and the same road in Navaredonda, and the A-417R1 in Vetaherado, a village in Llebrija, this morning. Last night opened National IV in Los Palacios and Villafranca and AP-4 in Las Cabezas de San Juan.

The Government delegation in Andalusia pointed out this Wednesday that practically all the mobilizations carried out were not communicated in accordance with the organic law regulating the right of assembly and, therefore, State security forces and bodies to identify and prepare complaints. Were moving forward. Report. The Civil Guard took 306 minutes, identified 541 people and arrested another seven, six in Granada and one in Antequera (Málaga). (efe)


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