FAS draws with Deportivo Mixco and leaves good feelings

With a header from the Mexican Luis Madrigal at 79′, the champion FAS managed to tie a goal against the Deportivo Mixco of Guatemala in his sports debut in 2023 and thus rescue a game that he had lost since 55′ with the great goal of the Colombian Eliécer Espinosa when both teams already played with nine players after the expulsions suffered at 32′ due to a pitched brawl.

Faced with a regular frame of fans, the Salvadoran champion gradually involved the Chapín squad with his football, which, supported by its Argentine and Cuban reinforcements on the pitch, sought to appease the Tigrilla initiative, especially on the left wing, where Kevin Reyes overflowed. made the right-back of the chicharroneros, Juan Carlos Pastor, suffer.\

FAS missed a couple of scoring chances that it generated in the first three minutes of the game, where Reyes and Cristian Gil Hurtado failed at the last moment in their intentions to score against a nervous defense from the Mixquenses, especially from the Cuban central defender, Mario Peñalver.

The national champion missed the opening goal of the game at 15′ when Wilma Torres’s shot at goal after an excellent cross from the left wing by Kevin Reyes was deflected into a corner kick by the visitors’ captain, the Argentine Jorge Sotomayor.

FAS was better after the first quarter of an hour of the game but still lacked finishing, a handicap suffered in the previous tournament in the national league.

The ocelots showed improvement in their transition from defense to attack, with Guillermo Stradella as their star link, since the function on the field of the Argentine-Salvadoran was to throw balls for Gil Mosquera and Reyes, both supported by Wilma Torres on the right wing. .

The crossbar from the south goal saved goalkeeper Moscoso when he parried Torres’s shot at his goal.

Mixco responded until 28′ when José Franco’s shot, after assistance from Jonathan Pozuelos from the right wing, was brilliantly stopped on the goal line by goalkeeper Kevin Carabantes since the visiting player was about three meters from the north cabin.

A minute later, a fight took place in front of the popular stands, where there were punches and kicks between both teams, ended with the expulsions at 32′ of José Guevara and Cristian Gil Hurtado by FAS, who had to be taken to a care center to suture the wound he suffered on his left cheekbone in the brawl with the Cuban Hernández, while the Cuban Aricheell Hernández and the Guatemalan Marco Domínguez from Mixco also saw the red card by judge Filiberto Martínez.

The referee Filiberto Martínez granted five minutes to the first half after the brawl that took place at 29′.

The Argentinian central defender, Sotomayor, saved his team from the tigrillo goal in added time when he stopped the smooth shot of his countryman Stradella right on the goal line, who finished closing Kevin Reyes’ cross from the left wing.


For the start of the second half, the Ecuadorian coach of FAS, Octavio Zambrano, made seven changes at once, the goalkeeper Gerson López, the defenders Roberro Domínguez and Ibsen Castro, the midfielders Rodrigo Rivera, the Argentine Wilson Gómez and the Colombian Juan Salazar, leaving only Roberto González in attack, keeping only captain Rudy Clavel and winger Andrés Flores Jaco on the field.

While the Costa Rican coach of Mixco, Douglas Sequiera, only kept the chapín Pozuelos on the field by making eight substitutions at the end: the goalkeeper Minor Padilla, the defenders Manuel Moreno, the Argentine Francisco Cavallo and Diego Méndez, the midfielders Jean Márquez, Mario Hernández, the tico Albert Villalobos and forward the Colombian Eliécer Espinosa.

An extraordinary play between the chapín Mario Hernández and the Cuban Espinosa ended with the great goal of the tall Caribbean attacker when he shot hard on goal to beat the goalkeeper López for 0-1.

The Mexican Luis Guillermo Madrigal entered at 61′ for the national Roberto “Torito” González who only played 16 minutes in the ranks of FAS in order to be able to contribute his aerial soccer to the tigrillo team in the last 20 minutes of the game.

FAS searched diligently for the equalizing goal and even had Azteca Madrigal’s goal disallowed at 75′ due to an alleged foul by the tall tigrillo attacker.

Sequeira tried to stop the local push and for this he included the winger Jeshua Urizar and inside Luis Pedro Rosas to reinforce his defense since he was playing with a line of three for the last 12 minutes of the game.

But the Mexican Madrigal tied the game at 79′ by finishing off the gaucho Gómez’s assist from the right wing without a problem for the just 1-1.

A tigrillo triumph in his debut of the year was clearer when at 83′ the central judge signaled a penalty in favor of FAS after a foul on Madrigal, but the Colombian Juan Camilo Salazar sent the football punishment away from the goal to drown out the goal cry in associated fans.

The reservist Bryan Ríos and Emerson Sandoval entered FAS for the last minutes of the international game but the marker did not move, leaving in general terms good feelings for the two foreign margaes.


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