‘Fast & Furious 10’: Jason Momoa ends filming in Rome and apologizes for his visit to the Sistine Chapel

Jason Momoa is one of the new stellar additions to the ‘Fast & Furious’ saga. The ‘Aquaman’ actor plays the villain of ‘Fast & Furious 10’the new installment of the blockbuster action franchise, where we will also see Brie Larson and Alan Ritchson as new members of the Fast Family.

Jason Momoa

Momoa has just finished his participation in the filming, which these days has moved to Rome, and to celebrate it, he has shared exclusive photos with the JustJared website, including his first meeting with Michelle Rodriguez, who plays Letty in the saga, or her temporary union with the Los Angeles del Infierno biker club. In addition, the publication includes images of the actor strolling around Rome shirtless on his way to his last day of shooting.

Controversy in the Vatican

It is clear that Momoa has had a great time in the Italian capital, but even so, the actor has not escaped controversy as he passed through the city. He recently shared a post on Instagram with photos with fans taken in the Sistine Chapel, during his visit to the Vatican. Soon, many followers of the Hawaiian interpreter reminded him that It is forbidden to take photos and videos inside the famous chapel.

Although he has not deleted the publication, Momoa has wanted to apologize to fans who may have been offended by what happened. “I want to say that, if you have felt that I have disrespected your culture, it was not my intention”says the actor in a video also exclusively for JustJared from the gym. “I came here when I was 19 or 20 to experience the Sistine Chapel. I’ve always wanted to and now that I can, I have made a wonderful donation to bring my friends and team, because we only had a couple of days off to experience these places.

“And then I discovered that several people wanted to take pictures with me, which is very rare”keep going. “During a trip to the Vatican, with all these wonders, and what they want is to take a picture with me. I don’t understand it, but I still did it. I was very respectful and asked permission, so I thought nothing was wrong. She would never want to do anything to disrespect another’s culture. If I did, I’m sorry. It was not my intention. I paid for a private moment and made a nice donation to the church. I love you. I’m sorry if I offended you”.

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