Father of ‘The Human Hyena’ victim claims after sentencing: ‘One mistake ruined a family’

Raul Bocalon, father of the victim of “The Human Hyena”

The court sentenced him to life imprisonment Roberto Jose CarmonaThe multiple murderer known as “human hyena“, for the crime of taxi driver javier bocalon Happening in December 2022. She stabbed him to death in order to steal his car while he was getting out of jail temporarily. In this context, the victim’s father complained to the judges who granted him this benefit and expressed through tears: “One mistake ruined a family,

According to the case, in December 2022 the man escaped from five guards and a nurse who were keeping an eye on him during a temporary exit given to watch the semi-final match between Argentina and Croatia at the World Cup in Qatar. In this context, he hijacked the taxi that Bokalon was driving. In the midst of the escape, “The Human Hyena” stabs the driver, who dies instantly, in order to take over the vehicle. Due to the attack he crashed into a tree.

Carmona was sentenced to life in prison. However, the responsibility lies with the staff members chaco penitentiary service Those magistrates who had the accused in custody or who benefited from their departure. This will remain for another debate in the courts of law.

In conversation with him in this regard Tamil Nadu Xavier’s father Raul Bocalon, expressed: “I think he—the judge—signed the dismissal because it came first and he didn’t investigate anything, the conditions or anything. Maybe even psychologists didn’t see it. That’s how they signed up and signed up for him to come out, they thought he was already socialized and in fact he’s a psychopath who has no cure.”

In this way, the man broke down and said: “I had to go to work when I was 12 years old and I know very little, but I realize That mistake destroyed a family, Then, he continued his claim by saying: “It is the fault of the judge who lived with this criminal, because it was shown that he had contacts and he talked to them.”

Roberto Jose Carmona had already been sentenced to two life terms and 16 years in prison

The man said his son’s murder was “avoidable.” Similarly, he highlighted: “It gives me peace that those ‘failures’ are being investigated from above.”

Earlier, Raul Bocalon had asked: “What do we do with a criminal like this? He has gone out ten times and killed ten times. “Who protects us from such a son of a bitch?”

The lawyer of the victim’s family said something similar carlos newWho said that “Here not only Carmona killed, but also the state Completely unregulated activities that allowed this hyena, this killing machine, to emerge so that it could once again attack innocent people. Faced with this, he highlighted that “the most important thing is that he gave orders to the highest authorities who allowed to investigate this.”

In addition to murder, Carmona was charged with two other charges: burglary with the use of a knife and qualified robbery. This is because on the afternoon of the day Carmona murdered Bocalon, he stole two cars. Its purpose was to continue its migration.

taxi driver javier bocalon

A peculiarity of this oral trial was that a special glass booth was built so that the accused could remain present during the debate and could not make any movements that would create danger to the people present in the room.

During the trial, the killer accepted responsibility for the events and made chilling statements. In a chilling testimony, as described in Cadena 3, he said: “The taxi driver chose the car over his life. “The car was more valuable to him than his life.” According to his statement, the incident occurred when he was trying to take control of the vehicle. “I am a hunter, a lone wolf,” he said without remorse.

In addition to confessing to Bocalone’s murder, Carmona also recounted previous crimes for which he had been convicted. In the middle of the second trial, he once again surprised the court that was trying him, but this time it had an impact on the victim’s relatives: he confessed without thinking details of the crime he had committed. . “I hugged him and put the blade on his neck, I bit into his neck,” he shouted.

“I asked him to wait as my cousin was going to join the trip. It was a lie, my cousin didn’t exist,” he said. That was the moment when the most brutal part of her story began: “There I attacked her. “I grabbed his neck and put the knife in it.”

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