Fear of losing “victories” Elche-Real Valladolid

ELCHE. The fear of losing took over this Sunday in the fight of the “firsts” outside the elite who want to return to it as soon as possible.

Elche And Real Valladolid They drew the game in the first half and were a little more open in the second, but with few opportunities. Of course, if there was a goal, it would be very strange if it did not go to the Franchiverdes, since they seemed closer to the goal than the Blanchiviolets. It’s not that people from poor or Sebastian Beccacece none of Paulo Pezzolanoalthough it is true that this helps the latter to continue moving at points “playoffs” for promotion to LaLiga EA Sports.

The same eleven, with nuances

With the same eleven players (but some in a different role) who started the match the day before, which ended in an away win over TenerifeWith 1-5-3-1-1/1-3-5-2 implemented Mathias Dituro in goal, accompanied by the usual defense of three central defenders consisting of Mario Gaspard, Pedro Bigas And clerk; this time “Nico” Fernandez in the right lane in the attack phase and Carreira on protection and ‘Tete’ Morente left; Chetauya And Phoebas in the engine room with Rodrigo Mendoza front; And Murad As a model in attack, Beccacece relied on a tactical duel with a small number of hits in both zones and much fewer clear chances.

Exfranchiverdes Luis Perez And Ivan Sanchez on the right flank were the main source of danger for Real Valladolid, who were afraid of losing (they came out of three games in a row without scoring or scoring: they lost in Ceramics and in Jose Zorrilla With Ferrol Racing before the winter holidays and Plantation after the same) and the fact that the point was enough to keep them in the “play-off” zone (albeit outside of it due to the overall goal difference) was stronger than Elche, who also did not lose their temper. , was a little closer to the goal thanks to actions in the 35th and 42nd minutes: in the first, as a result of Morente’s robbery in three quarters, Mendoza surpassed Masip Vaseline from outside the penalty area, but the ball hit the crossbar; in the second, Carreira’s cross from the right into the center of the penalty area, which John barely managed to complete, the second game after Luis Perez’s foul on Mendoza and Nico Fernandez’s kick.

In the second half, in which both Beccacece and Pezzolano decided to face the same eleven with which they started the first act, Real Valladolid took a step forward from the very beginning, stifling the release of the ball of the green frangie and beginning to not only accumulate a share of fame with the ball and also start checking out Dituro via Sergio Escudero with leg and Monchu with the head. Of course, after a few minutes, Elche managed to balance the duel and gradually began to make arrivals into the opponent’s area, such as the good partnership between Morente and Mendoza, which led to a one-on-one between John and Masip and in which the Blanche Violeta goalkeeper had the upper hand .

With just over 20 minutes left until 90th place, Beccacece opened the rotation with an exit “Nico” Castro And Manu Nieto Mendoza and Murad respectively, moves to which Pezzolano responded with Cesar de la Oz To Victor Meseguer And Luca Rosa To Anwar.

It was Nieto and/or Castro who were going to realize two of the few moments in the final segment of the match: firstly, a successful combination between them, which closed the Argentine footballer, on loan from Genk with a shot into the goal net; later absence Yurich on “Nico” Fernandez and bounced off “Nico” Castro, which John narrowly missed the target.

Elche finished the match with two points as they jumped Borja Garces jumped on the limping Phoebus in the 89th minute, in the window of change, which also allowed Josan enjoy the minutes… but few, because the judge is from Murcia Salvador Lax Francowho replaced the Puertollan native at the last minute due to injury. Damaso Arcediano MonesquilloI ordered an addition for just three minutes.

0 – Elche: Dituro, Mario Gaspard, John Chetauya, Bigas, ‘Tete’ Morente (Josan, min. 89), Phoebas (Borja Garces, min. 89), Murad (“Nico” Castro, min. 68), “Nico” Fernandez, Carlos Clerk, Carreira And Rhodri Mendoza (Manu Nieto, min. 68).

0 – Real Valladolid: Masip, Luis Perez, David Torres, Victor Meseguer (Cesar de la Oz, min. 72), Boyomo, Mamadou Silla, Monchu (Raoul Moor, min. 85), Ivan Sanchez (Kenedy Nunez, min. 85), Squire, Yurich And Anwar (Lucas Rosa, min. 72).


Arbitrations: Murcian Salvador Lax Franco reprimanded him with a yellow card Rodrigo Mendoza And John Chetauya for him Elche already Sergio Escudero And Cesar de la Oz for him Real Valladolid.

Incidents: meeting scheduled for day 23 La Liga Hypermovement disputed in Martinez Valero Stadium from Elche in front of 12,334 spectators. Before the crash begins, two agents National Police Corps The grand opening took place in honor of the 200th anniversary of the organ’s founding. In addition, team players Elche They wore a scrunchie to support their partner Oscar Planolong-term injured.

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