Fidel Martinez clarifies whether he will leave Barcelona


The Ecuadorian striker has revealed whether he will continue to play for Barcelona in 2024.

The Ecuadorian forward clarified whether he will be looking for another team for 2024.
© Cesar MuñozThe Ecuadorian forward clarified whether he will be looking for another team for 2024.

This Wednesday, January 3, 2024, the Ecuadorian striker Fidel Martinez has returned to the country to join Barcelona’s pre-season work. The Ecuadorian striker barely featured in the yellow jersey in 2023, but he has a contract he wants to honor.

Upon his arrival in Ecuador, Fidel Martinez was asked if he would leave Barcelona in 2024 and the striker answered emphatically: “I have one more year on my contract and I have the same expectations as always that I will become a champion and we will fight for success.– commented the former 2020 Copa Libertadores scorer.

In 2023, throughout the entire LigaPro (30 games), Fidel Martinez played only 10, of which 4 were in the second stage, where he always came from the bench in the last minutes of each game, which is why Diego was practically not included in the list. Lopez in Idol. If we add up all the tournaments, the tricolor added appearances in 16 matches, scoring 3 goals and providing one assist.

Although there was talk of offers from Colombia and Mexico, the tricolor player was very insistent about his continuity: “My representative has always resolved this situation. I am very calm here with my family and I am giving them my all this year. “You work in a club and you have to give 100% whenever possible,” commented Alegria y Atrevimiento.

SC Barcelona will still retain Fidel Martinez until 2024. (Photo: API)

Fidel Martinez had a great 2020 with Barcelona, ​​where he even became the Copa Libertadores scoring champion after a superb previous run. That same year, the player traveled to China and returned to Mexico to sign a contract with Barcelona in 2022. “The Joy and the Audacity” even came very close to playing for Ecuador at the 2022 World Cup.

Does Fidel Martinez have the right to stay at Barcelona?

Already in 2023, Diego Lopez showed Fidel Martinez that there were other strikers in the team. The Uruguayan hardly gave him a minute, even when he was sent off or injured, and is now looking for other players to strengthen the attack while he is in the squad. The forward clings to his contract and will fulfill it until the end of 2024. If a player does not leave by December 31, he can leave as a free agent next year and negotiate his contract directly with any other team.

Is it worth looking for another team in LigaPro?

Fidel Martinez also seemed to strengthen the other LigaPro teams, and at one point several Emelec fans even asked for his “great shirt”. This situation seems very distant and difficult, since the Ecuadorian forward is very attached to the yellow colors and if he leaves the club, he will go abroad and not remain in the national championship.

Survey Should Barcelona sell Fidel Martinez?

Should Barcelona sell Fidel Martinez?

Yes, before it becomes free

No, the player does not want to leave


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