Fierce demonstration of farmers in Brussels

BRUSSELS (Belgium), February 1 (EFE/EPA) – (Image: Olivier Matisse) Brussels, February 1 (EFE).- Hundreds of farmers, especially from Belgium, but also from other places such as the Netherlands or Italy, this Thursday Protests led Brussels to take action against the EU for threatening its future, including a blockade of the city with more than 1,300 tractors and the burning of the statue of Belgian industry icon John Cockerill. The vehicles, which began moving across the city on the night from Wednesday to Thursday, mainly gathered in Luxembourg Square next to the European Parliament, where farmers lit firecrackers, lit bonfires and displayed banners with the messages: “This is This is not the Europe we want” or “Agriculture is in danger”. It was here that representatives of the agricultural sector carried out the most serious event carried out this Thursday: the burning of the statue of British-born industrialist John Cockerill, known as “the Known as the “Father” and responsible for opening important 19th-century steel mills in the country. Additionally, he threw eggs in front of the European Parliament building. Photos of farmers’ protest in Brussels

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