Fifth point of the season eluded El Molinon

The distribution of points in El Molinon in a match that did not bring any changes for Sporting and Huesca compared to the trajectory they showed before the Christmas break. The red and white team remains undefeated in El Molinon, but he still gets stuck and has trouble attacking to find the opponent’s goal. The Alto Aragon team, for its part, continues to demonstrate improvement thanks to Antonio Hidalgo and he showed himself in the fiefdom of Gijon as a strong contender in defense and brave in attack when he decided to seek the goal of Yanez.

Sporting showed themselves again dominated his opponent for most of the match, but Huesca had moments when it was possible to win something more than a draw. Hidalgo’s team entered the match better, wanting to play in the Sportingista half of the field, but the locals soon took control and turned his best game half an hour before the break.

The best chances were with Sporting, who The shot from Victor Campusano (20 minutes) and Juan Otero (47 minutes) hit the post., as soon as the second half began. These were the clearest opportunities for both goals and the best for the local side, who also converted their goals through Hassan, Robert Pierre and Roque Mesa, to which Alvaro Fernandez responded with a save in the afternoon, before the break.

Because in the restart of the match, with the exception of Otero’s shot into the woodwork, Huesca were the team that finished the most times to the opponent’s goal. Hugo Vallejo, Silva, Vilarraza and Joaquin tried it. Either they did not reach the target with their long-range strikes, or they stumbled upon good position and reaction of Ruben Yanez.

The match could have changed in one single action towards the 90th minute: Murcian Lax Franco, the referee who has led the locals to despair in many actions, He awarded a penalty for Vilarraza’s handball. during a fall as he fought for the ball with a teammate before the arrival of Alex Lozano. The referee immediately corrected himself and declared offside at the request of his assistant. incorrect position confirmed by VAR at the time of sending to the Sportingist youth team.

Sporting disappeared over time and Huesca seemed to finish the match more fully. The Alto Aragon team took the fifth point, breaking out of a fort called El Molinon after third draw in a row for the Rojiblancos at their stadium. The draw helps the Hidalgo team get out of the relegation zone.

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Juanjo Nieto (45 minutes, Samuel Obeng), Kento Hashimoto (52′, Iker Kortajarena), Guille Rosas (61′, Alexandru Pashcanu), Javi Mier (63′, Javi Martinez), Uros Djurdjevic (69′, Victor Campusano), Enzo Lombardo (69′, Hugo Vallejo), Fran Villalba (75 minutes, Gaspar Campos), Nacho Martin (76′, Christian Rivera), Alejandro Lozano (76′, Haysem Hassan)


Referee: Salvador Lax Franco
VAR Referee: Aitor Gorostegui Fernandez Ortega, Ivan Rios Vargas
Iker Kortajarena (50 minutes, Yellow) Diego Sanchez (77 minutes, Yellow) Nacho Martin (80 feet, yellow) Alvaro Fernandez (88 minutes, Yellow)


Classification P.T. PJ P.G. Emergency PP

42 22 12 6 4

38 22 10 8 4

36 22 9 9 4

35 22 9 8 5

35 22 10 5 7
Classification P.T. PJ P.G. Emergency PP

25 22 6 7 9

24 22 6 6 10

23 22 5 8 9

23 22 6 5 eleven

twenty one 22 5 6 eleven

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