Fighting in Gaza, situation of civilians and more

South Africa accuses Israeli leaders of showing “genocidal intent” towards Palestinians in Gaza

Tembeka Ngcukatobi, one of the lawyers representing South Africa, said the case had an “extraordinary feature”: “Israeli political leaders, military commanders and people in official positions stated in consistent and clear terms their genocidal intentions. Have announced.”

He said these statements “are repeated by troops on the ground in Gaza as they continue to destroy Palestinians and Gaza’s physical infrastructure.”

“Israel’s particular genocidal intent is rooted in the belief that, in fact, the enemy is not just the military wing of Hamas, or indeed Hamas in general, but is embedded in the fabric of Palestinian life in Gaza.” Ngkukaitobi said.

He cited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Israeli forces on October 28, before the imminent start of the ground offensive in Gaza.

“Remember what Amalek did to you,” Netanyahu said in his speech, which Ngqqatobi told the court, “given to Saul from God the vengeful destruction of an entire group of people known as the Amalekites. Refers to the Biblical order.”

Ngkukaitobi cited a verse from the Book of Samuel which also mentions the Amalekites. “Do not spare them; kill men and women, boys and children, cows and sheep, camels and donkeys,” the poem says.

Ngkukaitobi then quoted Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant.

“On October 9, Defense Minister Yoav Galant briefed the army on the situation and said that since Israel is imposing a complete siege on Gaza, there will be no electricity, food, water or fuel. Everything will be shut down because “Israel is fighting. Has been “‘human animal,'” Ngkukatobi told the court.

Ngqqaitobi added: “Speaking to soldiers at the Gaza border he instructed them that they had lifted ‘all sanctions’ and that Gaza would not return to the previous situation.”

“We will destroy everything. We will attack everywhere,” Ngkukaitobi quoted Gallant as saying.

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