Fighting in Gaza, situation of civilians and more

Israel has stepped up its offensive in Gaza after UN officials issued warnings about the danger to civilians. Here, the latest information on the conflict

The Israeli military announced on Friday that it was “expanding the operation” and destroying Hamas infrastructure in the Khan Yunis area of ​​southern Gaza, while claiming it had destroyed a network of tunnels near Gaza City. As well as one of the “hidden apartments”. To Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar.

As Israel Defense Forces reported advances on the ground, UN officials again warned about the consequences for Gaza’s civilian population.

More than 150,000 people have “nowhere to go” following the IDF’s latest warning to evacuate large areas of central Gaza, the United Nations Palestine Refugee Agency (UNRWA) said in a post on Thursday.

Even civilians who reached shelters did not always escape harm. UNRWA announced on Friday that at least 308 people sheltering in its shelters had been killed and at least 1,095 others wounded since the latest fighting in the enclave began on October 7.

And on Thursday, the UN aid chief described the frustration of getting aid to the enclave, where an acute hunger crisis is affecting millions. Martin Griffiths, UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and emergency relief coordinator, described “continuous shelling. Poor communications. Damaged roads. Firing at convoys. Delays at checkpoints”. He added that “This is an impossible situation for the people of Gaza and the people trying to help them.”

Here are some key updates from Friday:

More information about Israel’s ground operations: In Khan Yunis, the IDF said its troops fought Hamas using airstrikes, snipers and tank fire in the previous days. The IDF reported on Friday that Sinwar’s “hideout”, in Gaza City, was part of a network of tunnels located and destroyed “in recent weeks”. Israeli officials say the “long and branching” tunnel system was used by senior Hamas officials. CNN cannot independently verify the IDF’s claims.

Israel could face a possible case in the international court: South Africa has filed an application with the International Court of Justice to initiate proceedings on genocide charges against Israel for its war against Hamas in Gaza, the court said. Israel has rejected South Africa’s claims, stating that the country “calls for the destruction of the State of Israel” and that its “demand lacks factual and legal basis.” Israel also faced fresh condemnation on Friday from the United Arab Emirates, whose UN ambassador described Israel’s defense statements and stated goals in the war against Hamas as “illusions.”

Israeli strikes left 35 dead, mostly women and children: Dr. Khalil al-Dikran, chief of nursing at Al Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Deir, told CNN on Friday that 35 Palestinians were killed and dozens wounded after overnight Israeli airstrikes on residential buildings in central Gaza. Al-Balah in central Gaza. Most of the dead and injured were women and children and many were cut into pieces, he said.

The IDF acknowledges that the airstrikes caused “unintended harm” to civilians, resulting in 70 deaths: The IDF acknowledged that airstrikes in central Gaza on 24 December had resulted in “unintended harm” to civilians. The attacks were directed against targets in the Al Maghazi refugee camp. According to the Hamas-controlled Health Ministry, about 70 people were killed in the attacks.

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