Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth comparison: have the graphics improved since the demo update?

Rebirth of Final Fantasy VII (February 29) A demo is available on PlayStation 5, which was updated yesterday with new content focusing on the Juno open area that expands on the original -story- section. But the update also includes graphical improvements in performance mode that will be applied to the final version. We already have some comparisons before and after the patch.

Second episode of the remake of the trilogy Final Fantasy VII It will offer two visual modes: one for performance (60fps) and the other for graphics (4K at 30fps). Some players from the demo They criticized the image, which was too blurry in performance mode.more than Remake of Final Fantasy VII PS5, and Square Enix has made some changes to the type of anti-aliasing used.

Comparisons on YouTube are not the best – compression practically cancels out the differences – but with screenshots it evaluates better than edges are sharper. This creates resolution performance issues: pixelation is easier to see in certain lighting conditions, but should reduce the initial feeling of blurriness. If you played the demo before and after, which one would you prefer?

Before the patch:

After the patch:

As usual, with the end of the embargo on criticism and technical analysis, we will be able to find out specific technical aspects Rebirth of Final Fantasy VII in its final version.

Playing the demo has a reward

We remind you that Square Enix has announced various additions depending on the saved games we have, both from the first episode of the remake trilogy and from its expansion, or from the demo version, which you can download from the PS Store: from calls to auxiliary objects to make Cloud’s trip more comfortable.

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