Final Fantasy VII Revival Guide: Tricks, Tips and Secrets

Start of the guide

We are pleased to welcome you to our guide (still in development) to Rebirth of Final Fantasy VIIthe second part of the three games that make up Final Fantasy VII remakes. In this guide, as usual, you will find everything you need to complete the game 100%including optimized walkthrough without plot spoilers to be able to move forward without leaving anything behind. Can you save the world again?


Story Rebirth of Final Fantasy VII it is divided into chapters clearly differentiated. As you progress, new content and activities will be unlocked. In this section of the guide, as always without spoilers argumentsyou can get ahead completing everything that appearscollecting weapons, items…


As it could not be otherwise, as you progress through the game, you will have access to several different types of weapons for each character, each with their own. special abilities and improvements. In addition to weapons, we also find guides to skills, which are again necessary to maximize the potential of each of your characters.


Chocobo you will be main means of transportation when moving through different regions of the game. Of course, once you receive them, you will have the opportunity to modify them with parts and even participate in various special races.


side quests games are called orders. We are talking, logically, about missions with rewards all types. Be very careful because may be filled in incorrectly and this will lead to worse rewards and results. Besides these minor ones, we also have discoveries, much simpler events, usually without reward and which usually function as teaching aids for some elements of the scenario (for example, finding stores where you can exchange special items).

Trip reports

Trip reports are what you have. Rebirth of Final Fantasy VII invite you to carefully study each region games. As collectibles, secondary or specific actions, you can complete various items and get scan data which you can exchange for special items by talking to Chadley.


Throughout the story, Cloud and the rest of the team will have to deal with many final bosses, some of which are mandatory and others are optional. In this section of the guide we will show you how to defeat them allor at least we will give you advice to improve your survival options.


Subjects are returned as a method equip spells, abilities, and special effects in all your characters. Each of them works differently and is obtained from different places, and in this section you can see how to get them all.

Mini games

The game offers you the opportunity to participate in many different mini-games and challenges. No, not all of them are in the Golden Saucer, in fact most of them are outside. Here you will see tips on how to overcome them all achieving maximum results and its prizes.

Points of Interest

In addition to all the locations that we indicated above, there are a number of points of interest which are not trip reports. In this section we will talk about the most important locations in each of the regions of the game.

combat simulator

Chadley returns to offer an improved version of its formidable virtual combat simulator. In this section you will find the series arenas and special battles. In many ways they the most difficult matches in the game if your characters are not prepared, and here you will find tips for the toughest fights If it is needed. You will also receive best awards both in the form of objects and in the form extremely powerful accessories…as long as you can emerge victorious.

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