“Finally!”, Ukrainians relieved after US vote opens door to new military aid

On the streets of the center of the Ukrainian capital, despite the gloomy early spring weather, this news raised the spirits of many residents

“Finally!”. Ukrainians got relief from the vote in favor of the US House of Representatives in Kiev on Sunday new military aid For his country, which, according to him, will “help” the Ukrainian army in difficulties against Russia.

On the streets of the center of the Ukrainian capital, the news lifted the spirits of many residents, despite the gloomy early spring weather, he said. Oksana, 50-year-old nurse Interviewed by AFP in the city centre.

“This will help a lot,” he wants to believe. The President acknowledged that this approximately $61 billion aid package is “crucial” for the Ukrainian military Volodymyr ZelenskyBecause Ukraine is facing shortage of ammunition to counter multiple Russian attacks at various places on the front.

“We will have something to defend ourselves with,” says Oksana. “We were hoping for (help). will save lives“, he says.

At the end of the vote in the US Chamber, Zelensky also estimated that this military and financial aid, which Kiev had been demanding for several months, would save “thousands of lives”. Both civilian and military.

Dmytro, 19-year-old hairdresserSays he is relieved that US Republicans and Democrats have reached an agreement to continue their military support for his country after more than two years of exhausting war, “It’s not too late,” he Told AFP.

With the military equipment promised by the United States, “I think We will not leave any other area And we will definitely not back down,” he enthuses.

He says he expects “greater security” in the country in the coming months, as Russia continues to bomb many Ukrainian cities and energy infrastructure. too far from the front,

soldiers suffer

Faced with this Russian strategy, Ukraine continued to request ammunition anti aircraft systems He called on his allies to counter the attacks in recent weeks, but political divisions in Washington in the middle of a presidential election year have slowed efforts to reach a decision.

On the European side, Limited Production capabilities currently prevent delivery of promised projectiles.

Although the news of the US vote was welcomed by all top Ukrainian leaders, as well as the EU and NATO, we should not expect immediate change In the balance of power at war, the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) has warned.

“The logistics of getting US equipment to the front lines in Ukraine will mean that new aid will not affect the situation on the front lines for some time.” several weeks“, the institute detailed in its latest report.

Therefore, the situation “will likely continue to deteriorate during this period, especially if Russian forces sharpen your attacks “To take advantage of the limited window before the arrival of new US assistance,” says ISW, who expects at least a month and a half of fighting to the advantage of the Russians.

Meanwhile, Kievans want to believe that the equipment and ammunition collectively promised by the American ally will allow us to push back the Russian neighbor who is still It occupies about 20% of the national territory.

“Howitzers are really essential,” he says. Stephen, 61-year-old employee State Railway Company. He is hopeful that they will “arrive immediately, because the soldiers are suffering at the front.”

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