Fiona wreaked havoc in the East region


Thousands of people momentarily without homes, blockaded communities, breakdowns in the electrical system, considerable losses, destruction of property and damage to agriculture, that is how the provinces of El Seibo and La Altagracia after the passage of Hurricane Fiona.

The onslaught of the atmospheric phenomenon caused hundreds of families had to be displaced when their homes are flooded or without roofs, due to heavy rains and strong winds that raged from early Monday morning until around noon.

The rescue efforts, despite the resistance of some residents in vulnerable areas, gave results in Giandiana de El Seibo, where feared for the overflow of the Seibo riveras happened with Hurricane Maria in 2018.

The Emergency Operations Center (COE) managed to relocate families that are confined in the Betel church, the Fe y Alegría Polytechnic and other buildingsuntil the situation normalizes.

The damages in El Seibo are millionaires and they affected all the neighborhoods and communities, such as Las Cuchillas, isolated due to the overflow of the waters through the ditch, towards that community.
Asbestos and zinc signs and roofs can be seen in different streets and the main Manuela Diez Jiménez avenue, while more than 60% of the electrical cables are damaged, as are the cable and telephone services.

The antenna of the Radio Seibo station went down in the premises of Libertad street in the Los Hoyitos sector, where it also affected signs and a tent of the Claro telephone office.

Fiona’s effects have also left trees, lamps and building walls in the streets. The phenomenon increased the course of the rivers and caused damage to the dock of the Miches municipality, built two years ago.

Those affected are waiting for official help to recover from the catastrophic effects of Fiona in this province, where it also caused damage to agriculture and the productive sector.

A statement from the Eastern Distribution Company (EdeEste) indicates that 61% of the electrical system was affected, for which it carries out a preliminary assessment of the damage to proceed with the reconnection of the service in the most affected areas.

Still this Monday afternoon rain and wind were felt in the area, Therefore, the company indicated that it is waiting for the weather to allow its brigades to restore service as soon as possible.

They indicated that the EdeEste Network Control Center is working “hard to normalize the circuits in La Romana, Hato Mayor, El Seibo, Higüey, Bávaro, Sabana de la Mar, Miches and Yuma.”

Fiona’s effects were felt most strongly in El Seibo and Higüey, and in lower proportion Hato Mayor and La Romana.


Hurricane Fiona caused considerable damage in the province of La Altagracia, and its main municipality, Higüeywith the felling of trees, signs and flooding.

The Duey River entered the Los Platanitos neighborhood and flooded the houses. In a video you can see how the current of dirty water goes through the sector.

While billboards, power lines and debris were observed in the center of the city carried by the winds of Fiona, who entered La Altagracia this morning and then moved through Hato Mayor, El Seibo and other provinces in the east and northeast of the country. Tourist areas were also hit by the phenomenon’s 150-kilometer-per-hour winds. Dozens of sectors have been without power since Sunday night.

hotel zones

Sectors without power, without telephone lines, sargassum on the beaches and without transportation for staff is the reality of some hotel zones in Bavaro, Punta Cana.

Fiona’s strong winds as they passed through Higüey left destroyed fallen trees, power lines, boats dragged by the waves and a lot of sargassum on the beaches.

From the early hours of Sunday, hotel employees took precautionary measures and protected furniture and dangerous objects, while offering their guests the necessary guidance for their safety.

The Punta Cana Energy Consortium (CEPM) informed its clients that its lines have been affected by the hurricane, but that its technical brigades are working to restore service as soon as possible.

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They cancel flights.

The effects of Hurricane Fiona caused the cancellation yesterday of at least 18 commercial flights by the Las Américas International Airport, leaving dozens of passengers stranded in the airport terminal.


Last Saturday and Sunday several flights were also cancelled, while this Monday affected passengers lined up in front of airline counters to reschedule your reservations.


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