Fire in Valencia and scientists were injured by animals not included in the list.

In Valencia, investigations continue into the origin and rapid spread of a fire that burned down a 14-story building on February 22, killing 10 people. The first signs indicate a short circuit in the awning mechanism. As for the voraciousness of the flame, the materials used in the cladding of the facade are analyzed. We interviewed Salvador IvorraProfessor in Structures at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Alicante.

Veronica Fuentes (SINC) informed us of CSIC researchers’ discovery of an avian influenza virus in Antarctica, as well as a Spanish study that links endocrine disruption to an increased risk of endometrial cancer. More than 2,000 scientists who were unable to contribute during their internships are demanding an agreement with Social Security. There are researchers who are turning 65 and have up to 15 years left to make their contribution. Our companion Esther Garcia spoke with some of the victims. Advances in generative artificial intelligence never cease to amaze us. Umberto Bustinze He told us about Sora, the latest tool developed by Open AI, capable of generating very realistic and high-quality videos from a simple text description. Bernardo Erradon continued his review of the Periodic Table, commenting on the various characteristics of sodium (Na), such as its content, the minerals in which it is found, the most important compounds, and its isolation in 1807 by Humphry Davy. WITH Jose Manuel Torralba We know 4D materials evolve over time. In our areas of science we traveled with Esther Garcia to Sweden to see a model of the world’s largest solar system, where the Sun is represented by the Avicii Arena building in Stockholm.

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