First trailer for Silent Hill 2: James and Maria don’t miss the meeting with Pyramid Head

Konami is determined to return one of the most popular horror sagas of all timeand he wants to do it through the gaming community’s most beloved chapter: Silent Hill 2. Because if both the release date of the remake and the first footage of the new film were published last night, now the most awaited moment has arrived. : First trailer for Return to Silent Hill (you have it right above).

The video makes one thing clear: Fans of Silent Hill 2, the game on which the Christophe Gans film is based, can rest assured.. The reason is that the few seconds that the video lasts are more than enough to suggest that the director, as well as the author of the first film of the saga, was very respectful of the delicate work that he had to do.

Return to Silent Hill still doesn’t have a release date, although it’s expected to become official sooner rather than later. What can be taken for granted is that the film will be a treat for fans’ ears as Akira Yamaoka is involved in the project, and the song “Promise (Reprise)” that plays during the trailer is the best of the presentation..

movie Silent Hill 2 return to Silent Hill


James Sunderland in Return to Silent Hill

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