five brands’ super discounts on their electric vehicles

Nor is there nothing new in this Teslawhich will be established during 2023, as well as at the beginning of 2024 price war almost all over the world, of which already in the second half of last year they began infect some producers.

But now Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) conducted a study that also confirmed this in Spain. At least in February, when Sales reached some modelsespecially electric ones.

Five brands (most likely in response to Tesla, which achieved double leadership in electric vehicle sales in 2023 with Model Y And Model 3) imitated the brand Elon Musk and applied significant cutting prices on some of its electric vehicles hook.

Sales were focused on electric vehicles.

In accordance with OCU, Volkswagen, BID, Cupra, Kia And MG They applied discounts in the second month of the year to one of their models. The juiciest one Volkswagen with ID.3: no less 7010 euros less. Least generous (even in this case a reduction) MG to his MG4How much does it cost now? 4000 euros less.

He BYD Atto 3 (the Chinese giant’s compact crossover) fell from 40,190 euros on February 1 to 34,780 euros fifteen days later (-5,410 euros, the second largest discount). When Cupra Born (“cousin” ID.3) with a larger battery, the discount was 5,040 euros (from 43,200 to 38,160). AND Kia Niro It fell below 40,000 euros thanks to the 4,615 euros that were assessed on it in February.

February sales at the Spanish market

  • Volkswagen ID.3: -7,010 euros (from 41,470 to 34,460 euros).
  • BYD Atto 3: -5,410 euros (from 40,190 to 34,780 euros).
  • Cupra Born 77 kWh: -5040 euros (from 43200 to 38160 euros).
  • Kia Niro: -4615 euros (from 44165 to 39550 euros).
  • MG 4: -4000 euros (from 33980 to 29980 euros).

Of course, at all these prices aid should be deducted which we could access. Let’s remember that in the case of the Moves III plan, subsidies 4500 euros when purchasing an electric or 7000 if we scrap the car. In addition, we can deduct personal income tax up to a maximum of 3,000 euros (in addition to moving expenses).

WITH February sales and help, OCU believes that these models are beginning more profitable than their gasoline counterparts. Because even though the thermals are still cheaper at recommended retail pricewith its help and even without it (only if you save on fuel prices), they can be pocket buyer.

From 7000 to 4000 euros… and excluding assistance.

2024 is the year of cheap electric vehicles

The journey of electromobility began with luxury carswhere price is not such an important factor… but It has not taken root as much in popular least for now prices started to fall.

A trend which is also given because in 2024 they will land several electric models, the price of which will be around the psychological benchmark: 25,000 euros. (before assistance is provided). Although these will mainly be city cars (Citroën M-C3, Renault 5…), those that are a segment higher (for example, BornHe ID.3 or Niro) must lower their bar to don’t open too much gap with electrical access.

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