Florentino Perez: “I told Vinicius to see if he scores more”

Florentino Perez smiled in front of the Movistar microphones. + Once Real Madrid confidently beat Barcelona (4–1) and won their 13th Spanish Super Cup. 33rd with the current president at the head of a white team that thus surpasses the Santiago Bernabeu.

How are you?: “I’m happy because the fans are happy to see a great game. “Many Real Madrid fans in Arabia had a very happy night.”

Are you surprised by the size of the victory?: “This happens in these tournaments and in these games. It’s normal for these things to happen. We played both games very well. People had fun and we showed that we have a great team.”

What about Vinicius?: “Vinicius almost always shines. Scoring three goals is not normal. He played a great game. He always makes them. The goal may be denied, but the effort he puts in is always phenomenal. “He’s one of the best in the world.”

He celebrated like Cristiano Ronaldo.: “He is very young, he is happy. Very good. “Every year it will get better.”

So it may seem that Mbappe is not needed: “Now is really not the day to talk about it. “This is a day to congratulate the players and not think about the players of other teams.”

Will fans feel the same way about this as you?: “Real Madrid fans know their players.”

Ancelotti beats Zidane in matches and equals him in titles: “He is a coach who suits Madrid’s style very well. Because of his understanding of football and his behavior. “Real Madrid and Ancelotti fit together very well.”

He was seen again with Laporta: “We have a very good relationship. We have very good institutional relations. We know the effort they put in. Today he is sad and I am happy.”

How did you see the referee?: “It must seem good to me because we scored nine goals in two games. Today is not the day to talk about judges. The only thing I’m worried about today is the enthusiasm of the fans.”

What did you tell the players?: “I already told them one by one… (Smiles) I told Vinicius to see if he scores more goals, Valverde to see if he runs more…”.

On Real Madrid TV channel

What do you feel after the title?: “Great satisfaction, like all Real Madrid fans.” It was the Super Cup in which we had to defeat two of our great rivals in the Spanish tournament. And to score nine goals in two matches is very nice.”

There was an exhibition: “We played both games very well, perhaps better today than last time. The other day there was a great game because of the epic nature of the defeats. Today we played well from start to finish. And one more game on Thursday. “We played a lot of games.”

Vinicius: “Vinicius deserved a game like this. He tried many times. He and all the fans are very happy, including me.”

Titles: “Every year when the season starts, Real Madrid fans look forward to all the titles. Being first is very important. And we’ve come to a point like Arabia where we’ve seen so many fans hopefully leave.

He won 59 titles (33 in football and 26 in basketball). How do you do it?: “Its history. This is a club where every title prepares for the next. I inherited a club used to winning. I hope to continue to feed it all.”

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