Florida community famous for not paying for vital services and considered a benchmark

Hunters Point is a Florida community that pays no electricity for clean energy.
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Residents of Florida do not pay for the electricity they consume thanks to the solar panel system built into all their homes. Pearl Homes, a Sarasota developer specializing in zero-energy single-family homes and multifamily buildings, is behind Hunter’s Point, the state’s first LEED Zero Energy-certified sustainable apartment community.

For the nation

Located in Cortez, in Manatee County, the development will have 86 homes upon completion in 2025, featuring solar panels and battery storage in homes built in an environmentally friendly manner using the latest technology. available in off-grid energy production and distribution as well as custom smart home designs.

Hunters Point, a Florida community that doesn’t pay for electricity.

In an interview with The Washington Post, William and Suanne Fulford explained that on a typical afternoon, the solar panels in their three-story home produce twice as much energy as they use, so they use some of the extra electricity to charge a battery that powers your home at night and sells the rest to the grid. .

“We haven’t gotten our electric bill yet,” said William, 76, a retired contractor who built custom homes for decades before moving to Florida. The couple paid up to $600 a month in electric bills at their previous home in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

According to the U.S. Green Building Council, the complex, which includes 86 Net-Zero solar-powered homes and 47 boat marinas on more than 17 acres, was created with help from the Florida Solar Energy Center, a research institute at the University of Central Florida and its homes are designed to produce more energy than they consume.

What net-zero energy homes look like in Florida

Every home in Hunters Point has a panel that controls lighting, heating and air conditioning, smart irrigation and home security. “This cutting-edge technology is ideal for creating a home with high environmental performance,” they say. Other features of these homes include high-efficiency plumbing fixtures, energy-saving appliances, and electric vehicle charging stations.

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