Follow the rain! Tricks to show off perfect hair these days

We are faithful believers that “bad weather, good face”, women should know a series of tips to take into account when going out when the weather conditions are not ideal.

For this reason, today we show you some hairstyle options to combat frizz and fluffy hair.

low bun

It is comfortable, chic and canchero. It is essential to have long hair to be able to wear it, and if not add an arsenal of hairpins. Relaxed, you can adopt this style both day and night.

side braid

Hair pulled back with a side braid detail is also a good option. Intense make up with a blend in black and brown tones, matte skin and pale pink lipstick.


When we think of Audrey, her updo comes to mind. It is a top knot, a very high bun that should be at the top of the head, clearing her face.

Easy to do, it also transcended the ages. This “high bun” was preferred by celebrities at the 2017 Met Gala.

Rihanna, Hailey Baldwin, Kate Hudson and Hailee Steinfeld were some of those who chose this hairstyle that is super versatile and adapts to any occasion.

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messy bun

This is a hairstyle that has no fault and suits all hair types.

milkmaid braid

Milkmaid or milkmaid braids were one of the most popular hair trends of last year and are still in force.

The reason why this is so is because they have a relaxed and very feminine air.

I mean, the best thing about this classic braid is that you can do it in minutes and it’s great for getting your hair out of your neck.

high ponytail with scrunchie

For wavy hair, nothing like a high ponytail with a lifting effect to frame your face and comb your hair in less than five minutes.

Do like Hailey Baldwin and adorn her with a scrunchie in the same tone as your outfit and you will succeed.

french braid

The French braid is a beautiful and classic hairstyle. Although its intricate shape may seem complicated, making your own French braid is a simple process.

low ponytail

This reinforces the power of any dress. There is a key aspect and it is the bright that gives off the collected. To do this, use a gloss spray for an authentically Hollywood and glamorous finish.

How to keep your hair at bay on rainy days?

The Clara digital portal brings you some tips about your hairstyle in this rainy season:

  • Hair collected. It is the most basic trick but it works. You can do all kinds of updos depending on how your hair is, from a high bun to a lower one, a root braid and one with boxer braids… and also add a headband or ribbon that also controls the area of ​​​​the hair that is stuck to the head.
  • wash and dry well. If you know that you have frizz problems, use shampoos, conditioners and masks designed specifically for the frizz effect. It matters that when drying your hairuse a dryer that controls heat so as not to further dehydrate your hair and make it worse.
  • The hairspray and brush trick. It is a super effective trick that will help you tame those curly hairs that always stick out of your hair. Spray a clean makeup brush with a bit of hairspray and Go through the upper layers of the hair. You can do it both with your hair loose and tied up so as not to create a stiff effect.
  • extra hydration. Apply oils or sprays that help you control the volume and are long lasting. In addition, they facilitate combing.
  • Take advantage of the volume. If you can’t beat the enemy, join him. make yourself a high ponytail using only your fingers as a comb and let the ponytail take on all the volume you want. It is very sexy and also removes years.

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