Food scandal: Casanello sent to inspect Villa Martelli warehouse

Villa Martelli Food Depository

Federal Judge Sebastian Cassanello ordered this saturday uAn inspection at the “Martelli Operational Center” where the Ministry of Human Capital There is a saving of food on demand in the canteens. As indicated infobae According to information received from sources, this is a process Verify listings reported by Sandra Pettovello’s Portfolio.

This operation was the result of a request from the prosecutor paloma ochoa. Judge Casanello ordered the procedure within the framework of the subsidy search warrant. It was not necessary because the employees cooperated with the inspection. The operation is in charge of Department of the Anti-Corruption Investigation Unit of the Argentine Federal Police, Sources said

This is similar to the process carried out this Friday in Tucumán, where Federal Judge 2 of that province ordered the inspection of the Tafí Viejo and Tucumán warehouses, where products available from Capital Humano are also stored.

Raid on the Villa Martelli warehouse

Sources consulted infobae He indicated that police personnel were ordered to “verify what was reported by the nation’s Ministry of Human Capital regarding the type of product, brand, batch and quantity of the food and their respective entry and expiration dates.” They were also instructed to “identify, if determined, the fate of those involved.”

The judge also looks for information regarding the shipment or any other identification documents and any other goods found there. And if there is “any book of records or news, contributions must be made for its proper preservation.”

File: A woman holds her child during a demonstration in Villa Martelli, province of Buenos Aires (Argentina), in which members of social organizations protest in front of a warehouse where more than five million kilos of food are found. EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

The procedure ordered by Casanello is the result of a hot week: the judge ordered last Monday to present a plan for the distribution of five thousand tons of food present in two warehouses, one in Villa Martelli, city of Buenos Aires. And the other in Tafí Viejo, Tucumán. “To entrust the Ministry of Human Capital, within the framework of its powers and obligations mentioned above, with the task of drawing up a distribution plan for said food based on its type, quantity, expiration date and destination group, expecting its immediate implementation; the precise information of which must be given within 72 hours,” the judge ruled.

In that resolution the judge stressed that “jurisdiction also includes a duty to control, particularly in cases such as these, Guarantee access to public information: inform, and inform correctly.”

In February, social leader Juan Grabois, former presidential candidate for the Unión por la Patria, filed a criminal complaint against Minister Pettovello and his officials for failure to deliver food and money to a community soup kitchen.

but two weeks ago the media Be Missing, Within the framework of a request for access to public information, he revealed the stocks of the Villa Martelli and Tafí Viejo centers, which amounted to around 5 million kilos. Government spokesman Manuel Adorni acknowledged that number in a press conference, but denied that they were close to expiration and highlighted the complaint made by ghost eaters.

It was within that framework in which the prosecutor Ochoa requested the measures: he demanded that the food stored there be distributed to officially registered canteens and the judge ruled that where the products went was an administrative power of the executive, but he demanded the schedule in 72 hours, which was due to him this Thursday the 30th at 9.30 a.m.

In fact, as soon as the precautionary measure was issued. Lila Gianni, Pettovello’s legal representative at the ministry appealed the decision. And with that he understood that the deadline to comply with that order was missed. However, on Tuesday some forms containing the warehouse stock were provided to the court. Since Grabois is the plaintiff in the case and has access to the file, he discovered that there were about 300 thousand liters of milk on the forms that were about to expire.

The leader spread it on his social networks and at night Capital Humano announced in a statement that he had ordered the army to distribute these products and that he had opened fire Pablo De La TorreHead of the Secretariat for Children, Adolescents and Family of Human Capital.

In this context, on Friday, Federal Judge K. Tucuman Jose Manuel Diaz Velezat the request of the federal prosecutor Agustin Chitwho intervened after a complaint filed by representatives of social organizations, ordered the gendarmerie to inspect the Tafí Viejo property. And last night, prosecutor Ochoa asked Judge Casanello for the same thing.

Food Form

Precisely, in his opinion, the prosecutor reviewed those lists and what was reported in the case being processed in the jurisdiction in Federal Administrative Case No. 2 and added that “it has been noted that there is a disparity between the total amount of food stored in the warehouses, at the same time.” He also cited the statement issued by the nation’s Ministry of Human Capital on Thursday night, which explained that the displacement of the officials was ordered due to poor performance for not exercising permanent control over stocks and expiration of goods.

“The situation presented evidence unreliability of reports made by a decentralized body of the federal public administration, the Ministry of Human Capital, which publicly questions its functioning; all of this perfectly shows the gravity of the situation, in a context in which what is discussed and certified in this summary has implications for the health of the population,” Ochoa said.

And in that context, he said, in order to ensure and verify in a reliable manner the characteristics of the set of food collected and which is the subject of the precautionary measure, as well as to ensure useful evidence related to the essence of the facts examined in the proceedings, this Prosecutor’s Office “considered it necessary and appropriate that the characteristics of the stored food stock be verified in place.”

The judge signed the order to inspect the property. The resolution states, “Issuing a subsidy search warrant to verify the police personnel seems reasonable and proportionate and therefore appropriate.”

,Contradictory data indicate that, if only the listed foods (nine) are taken into account, there is a considerable difference that cannot be justified. -even taking into account the reported departures-. On the other hand, it is worth considering what the prosecutor highlighted in the official communication of May 30, which reported that irregularities were noted regarding the control of stored food. So the situation described, in the light of what has already been evaluated (in the precautionary decision issued on Monday), implies the need to verify the fidelity of the data relating to the stocks of food collected – and the expiration date and condition. Once again, this claim of the prosecutor’s office – and previously also made by the complaint – is supported by an elementary principle of responsibility and transparency combined with the right of access to public information,” he said.

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