Football: the improbable jackpot hit by Cristiano Ronaldo after the 60th hat-trick of his career

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When he transferred from Juventus Turin to Manchester United in the summer of 2021, the Portuguese included bonuses from a certain number of goals scored in his contract. His performances in front of the opposing cages this season have, for the time being, allowed him to pocket an XXL nest egg.

37 years old and still present! Author of a decisive hat-trick (the 60th of his career) this Saturday, April 16 against Norwich (3-2), the Portuguese striker from Manchester United pocketed a real jackpot at the same time. To secure the services of the fivefold Ballon d’Or last summer, “MU” has indeed agreed to quite staggering bonuses if we are to believe the information published by the English newspaper “The Sun”.

The Red Devils would thus have agreed to pay a bonus of €900,000 (750,000 pounds) to CR7 once the 20-goal mark is crossed and then €120,000 for each additional achievement. His three goals scored on this 33rd day of the Premier League allowed him to reach the milestone of 21 goals, which therefore means that the Portuguese striker pocketed €1,020,000.

In the event that he manages to reach the bar of 30 achievements, he could even triple this nest egg, “The Sun” speaking of a bonus of 2.7 million pounds, or more than 3 million euros. Dizzying or indecent? Opinions are bound to differ…

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