For Cuba, no fuel The government joined the US blockade and did not allow Cuban planes to load gasoline.

The Cubana de Aviación airline reported that it had to suspend flights between Havana and Buenos Aires due to the refusal of fuel supply companies in Argentina to deliver supplies. Through a statement, the Cuban flag airline indicated that the supplier companies’ argument was “the blockade measures of the United States against Cuba”, despite the fact that the flights were authorized by the National Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC).

The flights canceled by Cubana de Aviación were CU360 and CU361, which were scheduled to depart from Havana to Argentina on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively. Island Company indicated that they were in the process of transferring passengers to flights of other commercial companies operating on the same route, therefore indicating that passengers would be protected “to the extent that seats are available.” Are.”

Cubana de Aviación not only condemned the fuel suppliers’ “abrupt” decision to use penalties imposed by the United States for companies that have commercial relations with Cuba, but also said that the island airline “contracted it has been extended to other airlines also”. Meanwhile, passengers who were waiting in Havana without starting the boarding process were assured of refund of their tickets.

The news became known through Cuban media, which published a company statement to explain what was happening to the stranded passengers. The director of the official Cubanbet media, Randy Alonso Falcón, also shared the statement on his network and condemned the government of Javier Miley: “The hairy hands of the blockade were allied with Miley’s chainsaws. A complete carnal affair. Shame on the government. “

At the moment, ANAC, headed by Gustavo Marrone, did not comment on Cuban Airlines’ complaint. Washington’s sanctions against Cuba for more than six decades also include companies doing business with Havana. However, it is unusual for gas station companies to refuse to fuel Cubana de Aviación flights, which have routes other than Madrid and Caracas.

Cuban airline resumes travel to Argentina nearly a year after being denied gasoline These sanctions, which were extended during the presidency of Donald Trump (2017–2021) without being made more flexible by his successor Joe Biden, have largely contributed to deepening Cuba’s worst economic crisis in three decades.

The denial of supplier companies to ANAC-authorized flights is echoed among the latest signs of the Miley government’s complete alignment with the White House, expressed in the president’s recent actions with Southern Command Gen. Laura Richardson.

Miley decided early in the government not to appoint ambassadors to Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua; While Aerolíneas Argentinas decided to suspend its flights to Havana after a change in management.

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