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The National Rally, of which two deputies went to the Mondial de l’Auto last week, is stepping up anti-ZFE interventions to take advantage, as during the yellow vests crisis, of the dissatisfaction of certain motorists.

Girls sway their hips to Latin rhythms, Vin Diesel flexes their muscles, a flag lowers and old racing cars rush off at top speed. On the big screen, the same scene of Fast and Furious 6 plays and replays the dream life of “bagnolards”. We are at the auto show, Wednesday, Porte de Versailles, in Paris. In real life: pimply teenagers at the wheel of prototypes, children dragged by exasperated parents, representatives in suits and briefcases, friends on leave discussing learnedly new models. And among the visitors of the day, two deputies from the National Rally (RN) who marvel at a Jensen Interceptor 1973. Between a commission and a public session, Anne-Sophie Frigout, elected from Marne, and Pierre Meurin, deputy from Gard, pay themselves a guided visit to the Paris Motor Show. Within a far-right party that has long sought to get its hands on the motorist electorate, our two parliamentarians intend to show that they are at home here.

“Return of the fortified castles”

Each in his own style: him in the genre representing the “real country” against the “technocrats and their excel spreadsheets” smoke like a fireman quoting from Audiard (“We are governed by lascars who claim to fix the price of beets but are unable to

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