for yours or for Taylor Swift’s, they are all ‘cat-approved’

Cats became domestic 5,000 years ago and, currently, according to ANFAAC data, there are a total of 6.4 million in Spain. With a reputation for being independent and loners, kittens are members of many families by right and, as such, receive all kinds of care and pampering.

[¿Por qué los gatos prefieren a las mujeres?]

If you are lucky enough to share your house with a cat (or, rather, that it lets you live in its house) these gifts will become your essentials. If not, here are three gift ideas that will be a sure hit.

Surveillance Camera

Surveillance cameras are the essential accessory if you share a home with a cat and spend a lot of time away from home. Ter allow you to know if they are eating, moving or if, on the contrary, they decide to spend the whole day sleeping. If necessary, you can even communicate with your pet or give it an order.

The operation is very simple, just place the camera in a place in the house where there is visibility and configure the app on your mobile phone. From that moment, knowing everything that happens in your home will be at your fingertips from your phone.

There are all kinds of surveillance cameras on the market. One option that you will surely be delighted with is the RING Stick Up Cam Plug-In which, importantly, installs in no time. Whether indoors or outdoors, this camera is perfect for monitoring pets because it has advanced motion detection with customizable motion zones with a wide viewing angle.

In addition, from the app, it allows you to record videos when the motion detector goes off, so that you don’t miss a single detail of what it is doing or what is happening to your pet while you are away from home or you are not there. seeing.

Another advantage of this camera is that it transmits with a video quality of 1080p HD and includes color night vision. As for the audio, as we have already mentioned, it allows you to maintain high-quality two-way communication with your kitten thanks to noise cancellation.

A window hammock

Windows are one of cats’ favorite places, but not because they are bored, but because movement attracts their attention. Another of the most common reasons why cats look out windows is the smell of other nearby cats. Feline neighbors can mean constant alertness.

Cat lying in a hammock.

In addition, they are curious by nature, so it is the way to control what happens outside. To avoid scares, it is very important that the windows are well protected in case the cat wants to go out and explore.

It is proven that cats also love to lie in the sun. So promoting this custom in our cats will allow them to take advantage of the benefits of lying in the sun, while the hammock will provide them with a warm and comfortable place.

walk bag

Adventurous as well as fearful in nature, many cats do not feel comfortable outdoors, especially if they have grown up cooped up in an apartment. When this happens, any excursion becomes an odyssey.

If the human is one of those who travels a lot for pleasure or necessity, like Taylor Swift, nothing better than a backpack in which to take your pet with you. In this model, the cat will be able to enjoy the exterior from the safety of the interior. So hot!

Taylor Swift carrying her cat in her backpack.

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