Ford Almussafes: Production Meeting

Waiting for a meeting Next April, we’ll find out what “alternative” Ford is working on. To ensure the survival of Almussafes until electrification, the situation is getting worse every day. As reported on Tuesday by two trade unions with representation at the plant – UGT and STM-Intersindical – The plant’s management called them to a meeting this Wednesday to discuss the plant’s production plan.. And the prospect of what the transnational corporation will be able to convey to them during the meeting, sources in both centers note, is negative. “We don’t expect anything good,” UGT emphasizes, without specifying what measures can be taken.


What is known is that after parting ways with the US version of the Transit last December, the oval firm predicted Production per day is about 950 units. However, for several days, production was quite far from this goal, and there were even days when there was no production at the factory. Evidence of the low workload sometimes available to Almussafes’ current workforce.

Erte Path

Added to this circumstance is the fact that in a statement on Monday the UGT – the majority union at the plant – has already indicated that, having promised an alternative to the plant, it is again open to the possibility agree on temporary arrangements that could, among other things, offer solutions for the production context of the plant..

Car production at the Ford Almussafes plant, on file.

Translated, this will allow for dialogue between workers and the company, for example about the new Temporary Employment Rules File (Erte), a figure that has already been used in past years when supply crises hampered production. It will be necessary to see whether Ford will finally choose one path or another tomorrow.

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