Forgiveness, a simple act that improves your physical health and your mental well-being

All of us at some point in our lives have felt offended, disgusted or wronged by other people. However, the normal thing is that we have resources and support so that the discomfort we experience does not take over us and condition our life and our emotional balance. Today we talk about the importance of forgiving.

This is not always easy, especially if the events are especially serious, frequent, or we are especially vulnerable. And it is possible that then we experience distrust towards others or that we feel especially helpless and even our ability to enjoy the day to dayworking and socializing decrease significantly.

This can make us want to get even with the person who has caused us such suffering, which is completely normal, since, as explained by the emeritus professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of the Basque Country, Enrique Echeburua in The country, “The desire for revenge in response to a wrongdoing is rooted in the depths of the human being. Resentment consists of feeling hurt and not forgetting, always breathing through the same wound. It is an affective state that eats away at the inside and that over and over again tends to imagine the way to harm the other.”

All the benefits of forgiving

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In most cases we have sufficient capacity to overcome this emotional suffering caused by the wrong on the part of others. Something that the passage of time helps a lot, getting involved in new projects and relationships and family and social support. And one more very important thing in this process, the forgiveness.

Echeburúa points out that «To forgive means to stop taking into consideration the insult received without holding a grudge against the offender. At a survival level, the tendency to forgive is a genetic quality favored by the evolutionary force of natural selection because it allows members of the human species to make peace with yesterday, recover and perpetuate itself.

In addition, by forgiving we are removing a burden from our shoulders, we reconcile with ourselves and recover our inner peace, thus freeing ourselves from pain. And all this means an improvement in our physical and mental health.

The offender can also ask the aggrieved person for forgiveness and this can serve to “to diffuse past pain, reduce present pain and to prevent future pain.”

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