Former CIA chief confirms Russia’s coup on 1,000 km border

Russian troops in Ukraine are no longer in a defensive position. It is wrong to talk about paralysis on the war front, there is no pause andIt is Vladimir Putin’s people who take the initiative, This has been said by Robert Gates, former head of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

“Right now, many people see the war as a stalemate,” Gates told the US newspaper. Washington Post in an interview. “I’m afraid I think, at this point, it’s not really so much an impasse, but The Russians have regained momentum“. “It is not about a revolutionary impulse, but about Realizing that they are now the ones applying the aggressive pressure“, he refines.

Gates, who was also defense secretary during the Bush and Obama administrations, said in his interview that the loss of the strategically important city Avdiivka Russians have been allowed into Ukraine move battle lines further east,

“I’m just reading that the Russians are on the offensive in several different places along a 600-mile border, or about a thousand kilometers,” Gates said. Post, He reported that Ukrainian losses were caused in part by their conflict with arms and ammunition supplies.

“I read that for every artillery shell the Ukrainians fire, the Russians fire 10, so the Ukrainians now face shortage of ammunition and artillery” Gates said.

Ukraine’s war effort has been heavily dependent on American aid. America has sent more than 44 billion dollars In military assistance since the war began in February 2022. However, House Republicans are likely to block the $60 billion Ukraine aid deal approved by the Senate.

“Because Congress has not yet passed supplemental legislation, we have not been able to provide Ukraine with the artillery shells it desperately needs to repel these Russian attacks,” National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said in a statement. needed.” “cost of inactivity Much bigger than Congress. And the burden of this is falling on the shoulders of Ukrainian soldiers,” he concluded.


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