Former New York Yankees shortstop Gary Sheffield said in 2004 that “they were lucky.”

Rivalry between New York Yankees And Boston Red Sox V American League It has a long history. It was in the 2004 postseason that one of the chapters in that series of legendary games took place.

Sets NY and Boston wrote Championship Series it was classified as historical that year. After two victories in Yankee Stadium and the third in a row in Fenway Park With a disproportionate score of 19×8, the New Yorkers were one victory away from entering the standings. World Series.

Never before in history MLB playoffs the team won four games in a row with a deficit of three victories. Meanwhile, they had to close the series away at the legendary Big Apple stadium.

His goals include creating authentic takes on baseball’s hottest topics and unfiltered conversations with the sport’s leading voices. For this reason, the former player New York Yankees He shared his uncensored version of those playoffs.

Former New York Yankees player talks uncensored about the 2004 playoffs

Talk about SheffieldEdit The losses occurred in the last two innings of the matches. The star striker believes that attacking is essential to achieving victories. However, the closers failed to maintain the results.

Gary Sheffield He took the program even further and assured that the Boston Red Sox were “lucky” at that time. He argued that only then would the Red Sox achieve victory in this context. He also recalled the uncertainty of his rivals during confrontations.

Except, Gary Sheffield was a player New York Yankees between 2004 and 2006. During his career, he hit 509 home runs and set the record against a total of 1,676 teammates. Likewise, his batting average was .292.

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