Former President Pinera’s last words before dying: ‘Jump in front of you’

“You jump first, Because if I jump with you, the helicopter will fall on us all.” These were the last words of former Chilean President Sebastian Pinera moments before he died while piloting a helicopter carrying three other people Those who survived. Authorities believe the plane crashed into Lake Ranco in the Los Rios area due to heavy rain and fog minutes after takeoff. Apparently, the plane’s fuselage was 40 meters deep and the former president could not get out because he could not get out. was stuck. in that Seat belt.

At the moment we lack data for the details of the accident, while the events are being investigated by Prosecutor Tatiana Esquivel. Together with Piñera, an expert helicopter pilot, he traveled Magdalena Pinera, Sister of the former President; Businessmen and family friends Ignacio Guerrero and his son Bautista Guerrero. According to Chilean media Amol, they all survived due to the fact that Pinera managed to bring the ship close to the lake so that the passengers could jump.

When the ship-a robinson r66 model– fell into the water 400 meters from the house from which it had taken off, owned by José Cox, a businessman and friend of Piñera’s since university days, Cox himself went out in the boat to rescue the victims. Apparently, Pinera could not remove his seat belt when the plane was already in the water.

Chilean media have reconstructed the president’s last hours. The “X-Ante” website states that Pinera President Boric was contacted To inform them that the team working on reconstruction after the 2010 earthquake was available to assist in the reconstruction of fire-ravaged areas in Valparaíso.

On Monday, he held a meeting with six members of his government and spoke to the current Social Development Minister. Javiera toro. In a WhatsApp message sent at 11 am this Tuesday, Piñera wrote: “We must coordinate to finalize our cooperation.”

Later, after having lunch at the home of his friend Josh Cox, local residents saw the former president’s helicopter flying over the lake. It remained cloudy throughout the day and it started raining after 1 pm. This was when the former President took a helicopter to his home in Kouk Bay on the other side. But the equipment fell into the water 400 meters away from the lake. The aforementioned Chilean media says, “One thesis being used so far suggests that one of the helicopter’s windows was left half-open, causing its glass to fog up within a few seconds, making distances impossible to discern. “

Pinera – who served as president twice (2010-2014 and 2018-2022) – could not be saved.

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