“Formula 1 is big words”

TAll eyes were focused on Andrea Kimi Antonelli (Prema) is a young Mercedes driver who already has a plan to test in Formula 1 starting in August in case he can replace Lewis Hamilton. A 17-year-old Italian had debut reserved, with 14th position, although it is true that ahead of his teammate Oliver Bierman, who last year fought to the end for this F2 championship.

Was a great hero Pepe Marti (Sabadell, 2005), which He went from eleventh place at the start to a podium finish in a Campos Racing car. and with a new cover Red Bull Racing, whom he signed at the end of 2023 as a future driver for the team he leads. Helmut Marko, in the section for pilots of any category. Executive Brand Consultant scout network who control the categories Karting in Europe, and this is not earlier than F4 when they start showing off the blue and red Red Bull uniforms.

When Marty It was almost personal matter of the Austrian manager, Well, he talked to the young pilot several times last year, one of themin Barcelona, ​​after achieving pole position in F3 and there almost decided to join the program young people.

Arriving as a debutant in such a tough category filled with such great scoundrels as I got dressedthe main youth team of Mercedes and the second in Formula 2 in 2023, Dukhan, Martins or his own F3 champion, Brazilian Gabriel Bortoleto, It’s not easy at all, especially to be the first to get on the podium. Marty did it in Sakhir, the track where he won in 2023. “Yes, but then I started from pole, that had nothing to do with it” – he told MARCA about his return from 11th place in the table.

I don’t quite understand why Antonelli is given so much importance. arrived as a debutant. It’s a lot of pressure for him. There are a lot of good riders out there and they won’t be easy to beat, as has already been said,” he says of the hundreds of articles published in recent weeks. “I prefer not to put any pressure on myself. , strive for the best results in every session and learn everything I can step by step,” he says about his way of racing.

“He was karting with Antonelli,” he says, recalling that he is an old acquaintance. “There he had an advantage because he is small,” he immediately emphasizes, “but it is true that in karting he was faster than me,” says Pepe, showing with a gesture “what we can do.” At 1.86 he is one of the tallest on the grid, the same height as Esteban Ocon and two taller than Nico Hulkenberg for example. At first, this is not exactly an advantage for such light cars.

Spotlight on Marty

Suddenly all eyes focused on him, when it was believed that after Carlos Sainz there was little or nothing left in Spanish motorsport, Just a couple of years ago (with the exception of Alex Palou’s possible return to Europe, which never materialized), a young man appeared in Formula 1, continuing the saga of race winners that we have in our country today. Another Fernando Alonso, who is looking for the 33rd part of his life and who is its representative through the pilot agency A14 Management. A the godfather is more than perfect from whom he learns as much as possible

But Marty immediately rejects the idea. “Formula 1 is a big word… I really don’t think anything about it now, I think I need to focus on many other things and always work fast, nothing more,” he says.

yes, for something stands out Marti as he was third in the 2021 Spanish F4 Championship. for his maturity that belies his age and his humility when it comes to accepting the results. “I don’t think I did anything special” – he said yesterday, getting out of the car and receiving the cup on the podium.

Future version of Red Bull

Marco really likes the style and character of the Catalan, which he has in mind for the future. Checo Perez has a contract until the end of this year, and it is possible that he will extend it. If everything is good for you in the first half of the year, then nothing is written later. A Marty I’m fighting for him Name F2 as a debutant what did he do Piastri in 2021, This can be a good safe passage for your future.

He’s a brainy pilot who how Alonso likes to have a good first lap and begin assessing the possibilities, tire care, which are key in this category and do not participate in fruitless duels who end up taking more than they give.

For this he has all support for Campos Racing, where Adrian Jr., Adrian Campos’ son, had been with him for the last three years. This is an ideal location for continued growth and attention in the future. There is a quarry and Marti is now the Spanish standard. V F2last stepYes, very big, to reach Formula 1, where only 20 selected people in the whole world have a steering wheel.

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