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Everything you need to know about the new Fortnite event, plus a rundown of its missions and rewards.

A couple of days ago there was talk of a new mini-event in Fortnite called “Pandora’s Box”. Thanks to him we will have new missions and rewardsbut there were quite a lot of doubts about when it will be possible Witness this event live.

Date and time to watch the Fortnite Pandora’s Box event.

Even though this should have happened two days ago, Epic Games delayed it due to a huge wave leaks that this event took place. Current situation in the game a few cracks opening and filling with lava every time and when they are completely filled, a big hand will appear with an interval of 2 hours.

This is a crack in the final stages

Lava in cracks indicates Countdown for the appearance of the hand, so the event takes into account the fact that last crack Released at 18:00, there will be this Saturday, March 2, around 20:00.although the time may vary, as we know this thanks to crack calculations.

If you want to survive the appearance of the hand, we recommend that you stay 10 meters or more away from him, since at this distance he will kill all players around him.

All Odyssey missions in Fortnite

Apart from this event, we also have several missions that we can give. final push those who did not have time to level up and reach level 100 of the battle pass thanks to experience what we will receive as a reward.

  • Spend bullion in 10 different games – 10 thousand XP.
  • Buy 7 items or hire services – 10 thousand XP.
  • Help recruit 3 characters – 10 thousand XP.
  • Help collect 3 access cards or Society medallions – 10 thousand experience.
  • Deal damage with a weapon (4 phases) – 10 thousand experience

The most difficult mission will be collecting the mosaic, since we will need 300 pieces to receive the final reward.

Where to find mosaics in Fortnite

When we knew that we would have to collect no more and no less, 300 tileswe thought that it would be madness to go looking for one after another all over the map. Apparently this is not the case interactive collectibleso we can get these tiles much easier.

Rewards for completing a mosaic

For get tiles We will only need to open chests, kill enemies and loot everything we can for such things to appear. bluish stones, which, when interacting with them, will be added directly to the framework that we have to complete. It will be quite a long and tedious processgiven that not in all chests or exceptions, you will be able to get tiles, otherwise they will come out more or less randomly.

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