Fortnite: Brie Larson sneaked into ‘Fortnite’ as Paradigm and the community doesn’t even know why they hated her anymore

LThe next time someone insults you through your social networks, or minimizes something you do, or just hates you, don’t even bother to answer: It’s highly likely that person won’t remember why I grabbed her against you in just a week. I mean, look at the superstars: From one moment to the next the Internet forgets if they were upset with someone or why they were upset. Like now Brie Larson, who after his appearance in Fortnite he began to receive a lot of hate for… why?

Why do they hate Brie Larson now?

You will remember that some yesterdays ago, when the movie of Captain Marvelthe community of marvelitas (you see that they are all very healthy) attacked the actress for, supposedly, having a difficult character For “feeling bad” to other actors in the cast. But this rumor was denied by Don Cheadlewho assured that there was no problem of attitude between the avengers and Larson.

So they hated her for being an “artificially” empowered woman in her film, for being gullible, haughty, in control of her emotions, and sarcastic. I mean, they hated her for having a personality like Tony Starkbut being a woman. It is understandable that they say that her acting was bad (yes, it is not the best of the Infinity Saga) but is it reason to “hate” her? Then forgotten old grudges, they found another reason to go against her.

After Larson shared the trailer of Fortnite where appears the Paradigm of Reality 456which is interpreted by her (as Dwayne Johnson at the time played the Origin), the community remembered that Larson had shown the thumbs up when he was told about cryptocurrencies. I mean: people are hating Brie Larson for thinking there is a future in crypto. And of course, it is a very delicate and complex issue, but Elon Musk he also has his faith in them, and he doesn’t get the same amount of hate that Larson does on his social media.

Although it should be noted that a good part of the players are more than happy with Brie Larson inside the Island, and they have shown their support in Twitter.

How to get Brie Larson in Fortnite?

Luckily, Paradigma is the starting character of this new battle pass (which we talk about in more detail on this note), so you only need to get it at the casual price of 950 paVitos to obtain, as the first skin, the Paradigm of that other reality that is played by Larson. However, the full armor variant of the skin is locked until page 6 of the Pass. Have you seen everything that the new season of Fortnite offers?

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